Sustainable Living / Building a Homestead.. being more self sufficient. ALL of the above!

Hi Folks, welcome back! Hope you are having a great spring/start to summer. I know we sure are! I wanted to share kind of an update on what we have accomplished since moving out to the acreage with our focus on being more sustainable/ conscious of our use of daily items and tasks! I am feeling quite proud of what we are able to do here, but I KNOW there is lots more we can work on, and we will. I literally had no idea what to name this post as you can tell because it’s kind of a mix of everything LOL.

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Sustainable Living // Composting for a total Beginner

Welcome to my first blog post of the sustainable living feature! Becoming more sustainable after moving out the acreage was a big must for me, so this was important for me to start learning about! This is just one of the many ways we are trying to make that happen! I am going to start adding to this series with all the ways we have/are trying to become more sustainable since we are able to now that we have the space living on the acreage! Hope you enjoy this series and have fun learning along side me!

So as soon as we pulled the trigger on the acreage I know I would be starting to compost for the benefit of my garden and future gardens! However, trying to LEARN about composting from YouTube and Pinterest etc can become extremely overwhelming. There are thousands of videos telling you how that are all slightly different. What do I need? When is it ready? How do I use it? What can go in it? Literally I watched 1000 you tube videos and I had decision aniexty I’m SURE, at one point I was like nope to confusing. In the end, I just started and went with the information I had learned so far and hoped for the best. So, sharing some information below I found helpful and how to get going!

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