Quick & Easy Fireplace Makeover!

I LOVE THIS HOUSE!! I had two fireplaces to give a quick little face lift too, it was a fun day to work on one, can you tell this is my fave hobby?! I wanted to get both done either close to or just after move in! I managed to get the main living room done fairly quickly and I will share that today!

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Nursery links… so far!

Hi everyone, hope you are staying safe and healthy! Man, who thought we would still be this deep in isolation a year later. I’ve officially been working from home for one full year! Wild, I truly thought it would be 2-3 weeks max. Anyways.. I had some questions about nursery items so I am going to link everything we have so far below and plan to update it closer to my due date when it’ll be as “done” as I get it.

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Master Bedroom Refresh

Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping by today ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally feel like I have got to a space in our master bedroom where its become this amazing cozy haven to retreat to! It used to be so boring a drab AND BROWN – O.M.G so much brown lol! I finally got the finished touch this last week, my amazing plant hanger from Bliss Craft & Brazen (linked in shop my home page)! It just really tied the space together! I don’t have to many before pictures because like I said, it used to be kind of BLAH!

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