How the Painted Fireplace is Holding up

I keep getting this question! I painted my fireplace back when we moved into this house. The tiles were kind of a whiteish/pink colour and the grill had gold accents! I wanted it a bit more sleek and modern looking so I spray painted the grill and painted the tile! Coming back today to share how it’s been holding up now just over half a year down the road!

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Hanging Curtains – Like a Pro: Sharing my Tips!

Curtains can totally transform a space, if you have the ability to hang them properly, you can really make the space look more open and bigger! I am going to share a couple quick tips I have learned over the years to hanging curtains! These can really make a space look complete and curtains can also be a totally fun way to dress up a room or add a pop of style (just look at my old house for example!)

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New Living Room Layout

You guys, honestly I have been working on this living configuration since we moved here. We set it up a way we thought was good when we moved in and obviously because I was just about to have a baby, I didn’t do much else with it for awhile and honestly, it served us well so I wasn’t in a rush to change to much. Once I took Christmas down though, I thought this is the time I am going to try and play with some of the ideas I had in my head! As a side, I took lots of polls on Instagram for this, so I appreciate you all giving me input, it’s always great! It gets my mind working!

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