Plant Theme Nursery 2.0

Ok so, I learned the hard way here not to do a nursery to early. Ours was done and then we move. DANG IT!! Does this feel like Deja Vu? Because it does to me lol. Copy & Paste πŸ™‚ The exciting thing is this time we actually to really finish and hang stuff on the walls and put everything away and organize like crazy. This time we are really ready (as ready as one can be when they are getting themselves into a situation as unknown as this LOL). Here is the full reveal of our little plant themed nursery! I love this room and I find it SO cozy in here, I think because its a bit smaller. It just makes me love it even more!

I have not hung up the wall decals because I did re-paint this entire room and you need to let the paint cure for at least 2-3 weeks or it will peel it all off when/if you remove the decals! Stay tuned on Instagram for whenever I do get them up, I will just share there 😊 Take a peak below! ALSO… I did take two sets of photos because I happened to stumble on some curtains and a cute little pillow I just had to add!! NOW Take a peak πŸ™‚

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Do you know your Design Style?

So obviously with the new house and big move I’ve been thinking a bit more about what my style is. Previously I would have always told you farmhouse! Lately it didn’t feel like that was the case! I was browsing Pinterest and this style quiz came up so I decided to see.

First off you can find the quiz here if you are curious like me!!

In the end my style came out to modern, which I had a hunch that, that’s where I have been heading lately with my decor purchases and furniture purchases, however I don’t feel like that suits some of my wall art or accompanying style so I feel like I have a couple mixed styles going on that fall somewhere between boho, farmhouse and modern!

Anyways, the quiz was quick, easy and fun! Id love to know if you got the same result as you thought you would. Do you know your style well or are you in a phase where you are kind of evolving like me?? Take the quiz and let me know!!

Range Rd. Ranch – “Outside Living” Design Board

I have been having some fun looking around at decks, patios, outdoor decor etc, knowing now that we will actually have a yard with a back deck/patio that we can spend time on! I kind of started throwing together some ideas I thought that I would love to eventually work on for an “outdoor living space” at the new house I someday hope to be able to put together for the short summers we have to really enjoy it for all its worth! This project might take years to accumulate all the decor I have picked for it, but thats part of the fun πŸ™‚

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