New Living Room Layout

You guys, honestly I have been working on this living configuration since we moved here. We set it up a way we thought was good when we moved in and obviously because I was just about to have a baby, I didn’t do much else with it for awhile and honestly, it served us well so I wasn’t in a rush to change to much. Once I took Christmas down though, I thought this is the time I am going to try and play with some of the ideas I had in my head! As a side, I took lots of polls on Instagram for this, so I appreciate you all giving me input, it’s always great! It gets my mind working!

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Closet Turned MINI MUDROOM!

This is one of the projects I WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR!!! I love me a good closet transformation turning it into a better used space!!! Eeeee… Excited to share our “Mini mudroom” in our front entrance! We were always looking for like a spot to sit or set something down and there was no space for that. We came up with the mini mudroom solution to try and get the best of both worlds … A bench and space to still have some storage at the front door.

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