Greenhouse Makeover

This was PURELY cosmetic, totally didn’t need to happen but I wanted to.. just wanted to put that out there haha! Devin went away for a week and I decided I would surprise him by re-doing it by the time her got home. Little did I know how much an undertaking it was YIKES. Lol

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Closet Turned MINI MUDROOM!

This is one of the projects I WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR!!! I love me a good closet transformation turning it into a better used space!!! Eeeee… Excited to share our “Mini mudroom” in our front entrance! We were always looking for like a spot to sit or set something down and there was no space for that. We came up with the mini mudroom solution to try and get the best of both worlds … A bench and space to still have some storage at the front door.

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