10 Habits to Stay Organized at Home

Happy friday Lovies! I am sharing my 10 tips on how I keep my home tidy daily and my best organization tips I have developed over the past 3 years. I am a bit of a neat freak so in order for me to shut down at the end of the day, my house has to be somewhat put together so I know I am waking up to a fresh start tomorrow. Because of that, I have learned some things that REALLY help me to stay on top of it all! Sharing with you today because I know we are all running and gunning and anything to make life easier is where its at! Start implementing these today and see the small changes make a big impact!

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Sustainable Living // Composting for a total Beginner

Welcome to my first blog post of the sustainable living feature! Becoming more sustainable after moving out the acreage was a big must for me, so this was important for me to start learning about! This is just one of the many ways we are trying to make that happen! I am going to start adding to this series with all the ways we have/are trying to become more sustainable since we are able to now that we have the space living on the acreage! Hope you enjoy this series and have fun learning along side me!

So as soon as we pulled the trigger on the acreage I know I would be starting to compost for the benefit of my garden and future gardens! However, trying to LEARN about composting from YouTube and Pinterest etc can become extremely overwhelming. There are thousands of videos telling you how that are all slightly different. What do I need? When is it ready? How do I use it? What can go in it? Literally I watched 1000 you tube videos and I had decision aniexty I’m SURE, at one point I was like nope to confusing. In the end, I just started and went with the information I had learned so far and hoped for the best. So, sharing some information below I found helpful and how to get going!

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Pregnancy // 3rd Trimester Labour & Life Prep!

Hey Friends! Baby N is sleeping & I am taking some time to do some writing! I wanted to share some of my labour and life prep I started doing in my 3rd trimester! All in hopes to prepare for successful delivery no matter where you have a baby! Hopefully it’s helpful if you are closing in on your guess date!! Sending all the strength and positive vibes your way mama!

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Amazon Summer Must-Have’s!

Slight Disclaimer here – this is all from the Canadian Amazon!

Sharing some of the greatest amazon finds I have had lately for summer & for being on mat leave during the “heat wave” we get in Alberta!! All I wanted to do while 39+ weeks pregnant during a RECORD BREAKING heat wave was try to survive! Its not to crazy, I have not been shopping like a mad woman, but being up alone at night definitely means I am doing some ordering 😉 I am not a HUGE amazon shopper, I look there for convenience normally, but I don’t search out and buy like some people do. This list below seems kind of random but it was all my must have’s where I didn’t want to shop around, I just wanted to hit order!


Where I buy the Best Peel & Stick Wallpaper

We all know that Peel and stick wallpaper has easily become one of my fave DIY/decor finishing touches! It is not only super easy, but adds the quickest pop or fun or pattern your need to finish off a room/space! Now that I have done it in a couple rooms I have kind had a chance to test out some different brands and I wanted to share! I honestly have not used a brand that is bad per say, I had luck with every single roll I have bought so far. I thought I would round up what I have used for those of you looking to get into the Peel and Stick Wallpaper game!

WallPops – NuWallpaper

When I shop through Wallpops I am normally buying the NuWallpaper brand. I like going through Wallpops because they have a really good selection of colours and patterns and they normally have good sales! As a side, once I learned the brand shipping was NuWallpaper I have also had luck finding it at Canadian sites like Home Depot, Canadian Tire and at a local paint store (Disclaimer – they do not carry the amount of patterns and colours wallops does, so it might not hurt to check the site first if you have a certain vision in mind!)


The only reason I know or have ever shopped this brand is because I am a die hard Nesting with Grace Blog following and she came out with the cutest little line of wallpaper with them! I have not used the stuff I bought yet which actually works out because now it can go up at the new house! Like mentioned above, I have not actually used mine but the reviews are all good, not just with her line with them, but all of them. I like shopping on this site because they break down shopping by patter, colour etc.. it makes it super easy to search!

Magnolia Brand – Bought at Rona

I love the magnolia brand, as I am sure anyone else in the home decor world who loves Jojo does too 🙂 no shame y’all its so beautiful! I was upset because for a long time I could only find it at target and I am just not paying US dollars plus shipping for it. Finally as a stumble upon it one day I realized I could buy it from there! Its great because they have this darling olive tree print I have been dying to use and I know exactly where it is going at the new house (cough Entry way with board and batten cough). I will share a sneak of it below, its beautiful!

West Coast Walls

The last brand I used was West Coast Walls (these were the decals for baby room!) I loved that they were local to Canada and anytime I look that is normally the first place I go check now! They were awesome sellers to deal with and they have some of THE MOST darling designs for their wallpaper and decals! ALSO as a side, we put up these decals, took them down to move to the new house AND re-hung them with no issues, so the quality is BEYOND!

Rocky Mountain Decals

One last place where the quality is outstanding is Rocky Mountain Decal – I will warn you this might be more of splurge type of wallpaper. The price is up there but it shows in the amazing quality of decals/wallpaper that you get!

If you are looking to add some Wallpaper I would highly recommend starting by seeing if you can find a print from one of the five companies above! Or chat with your local design friends/facebook group and get some recommendations. The better quality the peel and stick the WAY easier it goes up. Take it from me, you don’t want to end up with a balled up roll of wallpaper, saying f it never again LOL (been there the first time, my walls were not prepped good enough, MY FAULT)! BUT after the first meltdown, you totally get on a roll and its soo simple its not even funny! Hope this helps my loves.. Happy wallpapering!