Welcome to Range Rd. Ranch, a blog about home decor and lifestyle, with a bit of new motherhood thrown in the mix! I am so excited you’re here! I have a love and passion for curating my home into the most cozy & personalized space for myself & family! I started just for fun, but have grown to love this as more than a hobby. I truly believe that regardless of where you are at in life, your home is a safe and important space to love. I started this blog with the intention of showcasing that you should love whatever space you are in. I don’t label my style at “farmhouse” or “boho” but based off the feeling of what makes me feel cozy and warm and at peace in my space. We have recently moved from our townhouse you have all come to love and are embracing the acreage style living out of town! We are learning all the ins and outs of owning a house outside of town and the work that comes with it. We are working on learning to raise animals, tend a garden and any mini homestead stuff we can add to our ranch! We focus on sustainable living practices when we can and while everything may not be there yet, each day we learn more!! Tag along with us as we transform this 80’s ranch style house into our forever home and learn about the best ways to live sustainably on our acreage!

On the personal side, I am a 20 something’er (AH Almost 30 now!) living in Northern Alberta, Canada with my husband (Devin) & our daughter (Halle). We have a wild and loveable black lab named Sadie who keeps us on our toes. We both like to work on projects around home, I am told I have a “look” when I think of a new idea or spend time outside! We just moved to our acreage and are looking forward to making this our forever home while learning all about being acreage owners. This was a dream we had for so long that when we knew baby was coming we had to make the change! So happy you are joining us and hope you will subscribe and stick around. Cheers!

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