Greenhouse Makeover

This was PURELY cosmetic, totally didn’t need to happen but I wanted to.. just wanted to put that out there haha! Devin went away for a week and I decided I would surprise him by re-doing it by the time her got home. Little did I know how much an undertaking it was YIKES. Lol

To start I washed it down with our pressure washer and woof, it was dirty. I also cleared the windows which helped immensely! Then it took me forever to tape off all the windows and edges because I was using the spray gun so I have to be super prep heavy to account for over spray! I sprayed 2 coats onto the siding (note: some sort of acrylic is the best paint for vinyl) and primed the trim. My first plan was to paint all the trim white, just like the house, but I did the first coat and the wear and age of the greenhouse was forefront. I kind of had to pivot at that point because there was not much point, without redoing the trim and windows trim to paint it white it just wasn’t going to look good enough. I needed to do the entire thing the same colour, and I actually don’t mind it that way! I then built a small flower box to grow some Daisy’s and sunflowers on the side that gets a lot of sun and planted my seeds. I finished up by cleaning it again, cleaning the windows once more and doing some grass cutting and weed whipping and voila, and managed to finish it in time for Devin’s return home!

Honestly, I just wanted it to match the house a bit more. It was a really light blue and I like the cohesiveness of this all now that it’s the same!! Honestly, now that I see it I will probably paint the chicken coop too 🤣

After I finished I wanted to get some cute like vinyl sign to put onto the glass window like “welcome to our garden” or something but I just can’t decide what I want yet.. the idea may pass but I thought it might be cute. We will see. Scroll through the the pics below and let me know what you think.

the greenhouse makeover

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