Our Back Deck Upcycle!

Last summer we did not even really get to use our deck because we had to tear it off for the installation of our new septic system. It was a huge project that ended up taking the majority of the summer, between Devin working and a newborn things just took way longer. It was a huge undertaking so this summer I am actually excited to have the use of it throughout the summer!
PS. If you follow along on Instagram, you know I am taking a break with the app, but I will still be on the blog while I am off socials!

We have already spent hours on this deck since mid April until now! We built the Tojagrid Pergola, hung the lights, added some railing, re-did the stairs, painted the wood, painted the table patio set…. on and on! This is a true labor of love. This is really a great space since we have done all the work. I did make a design board for what I had in mind when we bought the place, its changed a bit since I am here in person and living here now. When we built the Pergola, it was so long we needed the middle poles which kind of divided the deck, so I took advantage of that and made a kind of hang out area and then the other side is the table/cooking area! It worked out quite well I think! Next year I will change out the two little chairs for more of love seat lounge set and some sort of small table to add a little fire table on but dang its really come together!! The thing with this project was that we worked REALLY hard to use what we had already (ie the deck and that layout), find stuff second hand to help keep cost down (railings, patio furniture) and give it a little love and upcycle because completely redoing it was not realistic for us!

This is the majority of the work we had planned to do this summer, so basically its ready for us to fully enjoy for the rest of the summer!! Bring on the warm weather! We have a couple things left like I mentioned, replacing the door, adding some new patio furniture, finishing the lawn, adding the top slats to the pergola (the lights like this were just to give to illusion of a roof for this summer!) AND I ovbiously need my neon sign to go on the side of the house and I’d love a little outdoor bar cart eventually! The brain is always going guys, but like I have said a million times, it comes with budgeting! It cannot be done in one go, each year we will get a little closer to our goal! Hopefully most of you can relate to that part of my blog, and I hope it also helps to see that projects can take multiple steps over a long time period to really come to an end, which I think is the case for most home owners my age!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the photos and let me know what else you would do back here!

Reminder: This is the listing photo, this was our starting point!

Our Updated Outdoor Living Space!!

the hope with adding the pergola was that it wouldn’t be so one dimensional looking back here!
This pink door will be replaced next summer for a nice full glass patio door!
we thought stairs across the front would really open it up!
This is the Hang Out side… Halles water table stays here because we use it DAILY for hours haha!
Patio set score off marketplace that I just painted black! Fabric & all!
this was pre deck paint, I wanted to capture the new pink door!

The Tojagrid kit we used here
The love seat I budgeted for next summer
The new door we budgeted for next summer
The string lights we LOVE


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