Motherhood // Postpartum Update

Here I am, one week for having an EIGHT month old! I don’t think, until you are in the thick of the first year with your baby, can you realize how damn fast time can go.

The last time I hopped on I was here to share about my PPA and starting medication for it. It’s now been 3 months and we have figured out the dosage/type of medication I am responding best too, and while I will always be a person with anxiety, I can happily say I am feeling MUCH more like myself, much better and finally I see the light on the other side! This is more of the idea of what I thought the first year with my child would be like. I know struggles will come and go (like going back to work…) And with each thing that comes I am better ready to help myself deal with it and for that I am extremely proud. I’ve don’t a lot of work in myself in the short 3 months and I know there is much more to do.

I don’t want to drone on and on but I guess, when I was in the deepest of it, if I had seen a post like that I would have had hope and hope is so powerful. Hope can be so much but to me it was motivating, honest and the drive on the harder days. The more open we can be and talk about these topics, I think the less lonely new moms will be feeling. Lean on your support, set it up before the baby comes, it’s so important!

I have a sweet sweet daughter who I plan to be open with about mental health and how it can impact your life. I pray the stigma around it will be gone, but unfortunately I can’t tell what time will do. All I can do is my best and for her, I hope that is enough!

If you are also in it right now, please know it foes get better ๐Ÿ’“ you are the strongest and the exact mother you should be for your sweet babe. My messages are always open to talk if you need!


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