How the Painted Fireplace is Holding up

I keep getting this question! I painted my fireplace back when we moved into this house. The tiles were kind of a whiteish/pink colour and the grill had gold accents! I wanted it a bit more sleek and modern looking so I spray painted the grill and painted the tile! Coming back today to share how it’s been holding up now just over half a year down the road!

The paint I used is this one here and it’s been holding up SUPER well! There are a couple spots where something scratched it and it’s kind of come off and then another spot where a basket was sitting and the paint rubbed and I can’t wipe it off the fireplace. Eventually my plan is to just do another coat to touch it all up, maybe in the summer time.

So a basket rubbed off, I can’t wipe it off. This is where I will have to paint over!
Something scratched here and the paint came off. Hardly noticeable from far away! And a little bit of caulking came off the in the corner and down the side! I can fix it.
You can see the scratched paint here and just some touch up spots along the edges needed on the right side.

Overall it’s GREAT!

It gave that updated look I was hoping for and it’s held up super well! I don’t have any complaints considering it was a little DIY that took less than a day to completely transform!

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