Hanging Curtains – Like a Pro: Sharing my Tips!

Curtains can totally transform a space, if you have the ability to hang them properly, you can really make the space look more open and bigger! I am going to share a couple quick tips I have learned over the years to hanging curtains! These can really make a space look complete and curtains can also be a totally fun way to dress up a room or add a pop of style (just look at my old house for example!)

Can I just start by saying, don’t hang your curtains on your window trim, thats a no-no my friends.

A great curtain hanging tip I live by is hanging curtains HIGHER, to give the allusion of high ceilings (if you are like me in 8ft ceilings this is a such a good tip) essentially, the higher you can the better and WIDER than the window as to not cover up any of the light and give the illusion the window and room are bigger! The less of that amazing natural light we block, the better!

Next, having the proper length with higher and wider is key, you might need the extra long or extra wide curtains, but its worth it! (Tip: for my 8ft ceilings I normally by the 96″ curtains and they ‘kiss the floor” perfectly).

You want the bottom of the curtain to be dusting the floor or just touching, OR like in Halle’s room they can pool a bit if that kind of boho touch is your style! I find the pooling works best with really nice linen curtains, this is not my style in living spaces because I find it hard to keep nice, but your style, your choice!

Last, the right curtain style makes a big difference. In a room like a living room you don’t typically want heavy blackout curtains (unless privacy is like a huge issue, then yikes find something to help), you would want more sheer, semi sheer or lined curtains, but in your bedroom or nursery, blackout is probably the answer! Be sure to check the style or learn your preference by going into the store to see your options! I will share what styles I like in my spaces, but again, this is personal preference AND privacy is not an issue for me so I don’t take that into account at all but you may need to!

Bedroom Curtains Example

In this room, these are 96″ length, they are hung as high and wide as our small room would allow (edge of fireplace blocked us from going any wider and the ceiling on this side of the house are not even 8ft), they pool a bit at the bottom as you can see, where as our living room just dust the floor! Different room calls for different approaches for what works! Ps. These are lined curtains!

Living Room Curtain Example

Sharing first the curtains left by the old owners, they are gorgeous curtains but they don’t fit the bill for my heigh and width preferences so I picked out new ones. See how they are hung on the trim? I don’t like that! I want to open up the space a bit, so scroll to see how we hung our new curtains! Ps. These new curtains are semi sheer!

You can see they are as high as possible and the insides just match the edge of the window frame!

Nursery Curtains – An “oddball” Window

In this room, the window is small and smack dab in the middle, hanging them as high as possible felt odd so I split the difference. Just sharing because this is not a hard and fast rule, there is some design liberty that you can take! Ps. These curtains are “room darkening”

Thanks for stopping by!

Link to our new curtains

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