Hal’s Big Girl Room Plans

OH HAL! My heart, baby girl is getting so big!! She is 7 months old today, I cannot believe it! Time is going SO FAST!!

I started planning her room like literally the second I found out she was a girl because I was so excited to make it extra girly and feminine! I sourced all the things I wanted for her room and came up with a cute little design board to work off of! Sharing my design board below and links to the items I picked. This is just my general plan, when we start working on it some things might not be available or my idea may have changed, who knows!

She is going to move into our bigger 3rd bedroom! I’ve added an armoire because we plan to close off the closet and turn it into a pantry for our kitchen (half of the closet currently has the fridge backing in it so why not just utilize the whole space as kitchen space! Pic below!)Another quirk of our 80s ranch & addition.. little things like this I love! A blog post for another time though! But because of this I had to source out some armoires that would provide space to hang stuff. I picked one but I will link the runner ups at the end of this post!

The 3rd bedroom closet – half is for the fridge from our kitchen. We are going to turn the other half into a pantry and completely get rid of it from this room! Drywall, remove trim etc…

Hal’s Big Girl Room Design Board

*With the disclaimer that it will be another year or two before we even start working on this because obviously she’s good in her room and we will move her into a big girl bed when she shows she is ready!*

White Platform Bed | Curtains | Pink Bedside Table | Armoir | Area Rug | Wallpaper | UGG Bedding | Gold Table Lamp | Knit Poof | Wall Bookshelf

Other Armoire options I had liked (links included)


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