New Living Room Layout

You guys, honestly I have been working on this living configuration since we moved here. We set it up a way we thought was good when we moved in and obviously because I was just about to have a baby, I didn’t do much else with it for awhile and honestly, it served us well so I wasn’t in a rush to change to much. Once I took Christmas down though, I thought this is the time I am going to try and play with some of the ideas I had in my head! As a side, I took lots of polls on Instagram for this, so I appreciate you all giving me input, it’s always great! It gets my mind working!

Our living room is long AF, its like almost as if its a living room and bonus space, but there is no seperation between the two. I had played with the idea of having the chairs in front of the window basically since we moved in, but since we have a sectional (and we are not buying new furniture) I just didn’t know what the heck to do. So here is what I came up with! I was going to use the couch as the END of the living room, so place it alongside the fireplace, and the back would be the edge of the “living room side” and move the chairs and table in front of the window. Add a MUCH bigger area rug to pull it all together, and move some of the wall decor that we originally hung. THEN behind the couch is this small “bonus” space. I moved the bookshelf over to the fireplace wall and then eventually I will add a large chair and have the extra side table beside it. Lastly, the spot where the book shelf previously was, will serve as a walk way beside the couch and the small open space by the door, eventually will be a spot for Halle to have some toys they are not smack dab in the middle of our room (until she is old enough to play downstairs, then that will become her play area).

Below are the two chair options that I have decided on to put in front of the bookshelf, along with a side table that I already own! I have finally decided on the Ceni in the dark gray colour after taking votes in stories and making a mood board!

Linking the new area rug we have picked for the living room. (Note, has blue undertones and the pattern seems a lot more busy in person, see pics below!). It’s GORG!

The New Configuration

Here is the updated living room! We’ve moved the couch and the chairs and added a new area rug to connect both. Eventually I will order the Ceni chair to go in front of the bookshelf and add new curtains & curtains rods (I am thinking something a bit more plain since the rug is quite a busy pattern!). Lastly, I will probably relocate the deer once the chair is placed and maybe add some sort of console table by the sliding door! I am definitely digging this layout a bit more. What do you think?

The rug will take a couple days go flatten out but I was just to excited to show yall! Sometimes I worry my vision isn’t going to come to life properly and so when it does I’m PUMPED and patience goes right out the window 🤣 this rug is gorg in person!

And I also have to share my two rug guides I ALWAYS try to follow here! I’ve had these images saved for ages on my phone and always refer back. Rug sizing is important- to small, room can look chunky, cut off weird etc… To big, overfills the space and takes over! Save these if you are rug shopping, they are so helpful.

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