Help Me Pick a New Door!

What a fun post.. let’s talk exterior doors! When we moved in both the front and back entrance door needed a bit of an update. Not only the door itself but the framing. We wanted to spend a winter here and see how it held up but we could tell there would definitely be room for improvement to help heating be more efficient!

We know now after this last very cold snap it’s something we will do as soon as it warms up this summer! I have picked some front and back door options that I really like but I would love help making the decision! There are two choices for the front and back (colour TBD!)

Front Door

Here are the two options I’ve picked for the front door, along with a picture of the exterior and our small entry way! Currently I’m leaning towards the one with the smaller window, I just love that look… But also like the second option because it would let in more light to our already small/dark entry way.

Back Door

Here are the two options I’ve picked for the back door along with pictures of the deck and back hallway! For the back, I’m leaning towards the 3 seperate windows, I just find that a bit more modern and it would still give us lots of light and make the deck look a bit more appealing that with the full steel door & one window! (Note. If you remember all the work we did last summer this picture is quite outdated, the deck and lawn look quite different!)

Leave all your help in the comments section and of course I’ll write up a post whenever we get the new doors in to share what we have decided!!

13 Replies to “Help Me Pick a New Door!”

  1. I would vote for the smaller windows for the front because we have similar and I love it 😂but I’m not sure the back options match that style so I think I’m voting for the second option for both! Whatever you choose will be beautiful!


    1. Fair enough & good point! May review my back door picks again haha! I just want the back to have lots of windows since it goes to the back deck, I feel like the current door makes it feel so closes off! (We don’t use the sliding door!)


  2. Front door, left option with smaller window. Back door, I like the right option with 3 windows but if you plan on putting a blind on it go for the bigger window. Also if you plan to paint it, I think it’d be easier. 😊


  3. Okay… so this isn’t an easy choice and it’s not even my home 🤣. For the front I 100% LOVE the small window, however, I think you should maybe go with the big one as I think it matches your two choices for the back and will pull it all together. For the back one I would go with the 3 if you do a big one on the front.

    If you go with the small one (which is so adorable) on the front then I would go with the big one on the back as I feel it would complement the front nicely.

    Best of luck, knowing you it will be beautiful no matter what.


  4. First option for front door and second option for back door! How far apart are they from each other? I think the big window in the back door would match any front door to be honest, they aren’t side by side so they don’t have to match perfectly 🙂


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