Closet Turned MINI MUDROOM!

This is one of the projects I WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR!!! I love me a good closet transformation turning it into a better used space!!! Eeeee… Excited to share our “Mini mudroom” in our front entrance! We were always looking for like a spot to sit or set something down and there was no space for that. We came up with the mini mudroom solution to try and get the best of both worlds … A bench and space to still have some storage at the front door.

I saw this amazing Ikea hack (like literally every Ikea hack is so good) and I thought it would be super perfect for what we wanted to do!! I will link the blog post here! This hack definitely was the inspiration behind our project, but when I started trying to find the pieces from Ikea, not all was available. If you shop at Ikea you KNOW how hard it seems to be to get stuff from them right now so we pivoted slightly from the linked blog post and we ended up using this TV stand and building our own shelf from scratch. We ended up being super limited to selection because the length of our closet was so short! As for the shelves, again so limited because I really wanted four but everything was to long to fit in vertically, ergo, building our own with dimensions we wanted. I also looked for matte black coat hooks forever, everything was always out of stock. I ended up buying bronze ones and spray painting them (these are the hooks).

This one truly tested our DIY skills.. we worked with live edge material to make the bench, which also was the first time working with a planer and sealing stain which we don’t normally do. We also worked with this sideboard, which was HARD because it breaks easy, hard to drill through etc… Wouldn’t recommend using it but we didn’t have many choices for this width and height! I’m extremely proud of my husband on this one, he really went out of his comfort zone on this one when I pitched the idea, without hesitation I might add, and he did such a good job! I normally pitch the ideas and he brings most of them to life, I just act as the helper. Give him a little shoutout if you desire, he deserves it! This truly was one of my fave projects of 2021 we finished on new year’s Day and it was well worth the time we spent on it, over Christmas break!


Doing this project forced us to go through all our gear and only keep out only what we were using in that season! We have tons of backup storage in the garage for our big bulky winter stuff so it works out good for us.


The paint colour is revere pewter by benjamin Moore in eggeshell. The stain in special walnut. And the coat hooks are rustoleum matte black (onyx).

And for one of my fave parts to include.. here is what it looks like when actually being used and not just styled for photos.


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