Main Bath Cabinet Reveal!

Well, we finally got it done! The last piece of this little bathroom update was to finish painting the cabinets and updating the hardware. If you follow along on instagram I said I picked a colour, and literally as I hit publish I found the NICEST teal colour and I basically had the most decision anxiety possible LOL.

If you voted, you would have seen the majority of people said to go with Jack Pine by Benjamin Moore, but I found the colour Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore and it was just so beautiful, soft and comforting. So because of that, I focused more on the space and the feeling I wanted for it. Once I did that, I kind of started realizing that Jackpine might be to heavy in this bathroom, the Aegean Teal was light and airy enough in an already darker space that I felt like it ended up being no contest. I still went in and got samples of both colours to see what they would be like in our space and once I could see then with the light we were actually dealing with vs. the light in the inspo photos it really made the decision quite easy. Aegean Teal it was! Thanks for sticking around through the couple steps it took to finish off this project, doing it in steps made it way less overwhelming instead of trying to tackle it in one week(end)!

Just to remind you.. here is where we started 🙂

Main Bath Cabinet Reveal!

The best part about this transformation is all we did was paint & change the mirror which we already had! It really really changed the space! See the new bathroom look below!

Cabinet colour is Aegean teal in semi gloss by Benjamin Moore & the wall colour is Stonington Gray in eggshell by Benjamin Moore.


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