Acreage living – Surviving Our First Big Winter Storm

We’re getting the hang of that living out of town life, then bam… here comes your first winter storm and its not just a little guy its a doozy. You get stuck in the drive way, the power goes out, you have a little baby OMG.

Well, you gotta kick off winter one way I guess! What better way that to really show you how unprepared you are. I would honestly call this a blessing in disguise. The power went out and then flicked back on (like you know 30 seconds) and I go thank god, then it shuts off again and I sit down with Devin and 10 minutes go by. I am thinking, ok lets call Atco or something because at some point this is going to cause issues for little babe and my car cant get out of the drive way and you only have a work truck. All this taught me that my winter car/baby safety kit is perfect BUT that I need a kit for inside the house too, DUH. So while today is not a super exciting home decor project, its an important topic to make sure you read, review and prepare for. I am not talking doomsday prepping here but enough to get you through a day or two of being stuck at home if that ever happened. I am from Canada, I can handle winter, storms, winter driving you name it but I happen to have a little bean who needs a bit more than I do!

I am sharing below the list I made while the power was out to create our home safety kit and the kit put together once I finally rounded up everything I wanted in it!

  1. A big plastic bin to hold everything
  2. A list with your important phone numbers and information. In our specific case I have added our rural address and legal land description, our electric site number ID which the power company asks for and several phone numbers for friends and family that could help us in a pinch and our health care ID #’s.
  3. Flash light and extra batteries
  4. Candles, matches and a couple of lighters
  5. In our case, with a baby who drinks formula, I have added pre made formula (enough oz to get through 2 days), extra water and powdered formula if we have the ability to still safely make it, I will use this!
  6. Diapers and clothes for Halle (this will have to be changed out as she grows into new sizes, I have put 6-12 month clothes in there and size 3/4 diapers to be safe.
  7. A set of clothes, underwear and socks for Devin and I.
  8. Any medications you may need – with the disclaimer, obviously you just cant leave medication unattended and for long periods of time just sitting so maybe just a reminder to grab if you have to leave home (you can add it to your important information list). But you could include tylenol or anything you may think important like that.
  9. Extra blankets and safety blankets(those crinkly ones you see people wear from ambulances or police, they come folded extremely small and you can add quite a few)
  10. In our case, we will consider moving th genetor to store downstairs in the case we need it to run our septic & sump (might only deal with a sump if you live in town!)
  11. Food- I found this one hard for some reason, but I will add some protein bars, granola bars, gatorades, pre mixed camp like foods (where all you do is add boiled water), canned soup and beans etc.. (enough that I thought would get us through 2 days)
  12. Some small tools that might be useful – hammer, some screw drivers etc, knives, etc…
  13. Battery powered phone chargers and/or battery packs
  14. If you have pets – food & any medications they may be on.

Put your kit together and store it in an accessible location should you ever need to get it, in our case we are going to store ours in the basement because you cannot access our garage from our house.

I would love for you guys to share anything I might have missed. I’m not an expert this is just stuff I realized I would want on hand in our situation! If you have ever needed to use your kit did you need something you didn’t expect? Share in the comments!

2 Replies to “Acreage living – Surviving Our First Big Winter Storm”

  1. Jamie, Did you know you can purchase a flag from the MD to flag your driveway for snow clearing? They used to sell them at the Ardmore store. It might not be a bad idea to have a spare one on hand in case you need it. Love your beautiful pics, the house looks so cozy and festive!


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