Christmas at the Ranch House πŸŽ„

Hello CHRISTMAS SEASON! Gosh, I am so excited not only are we in our dream home for Christmas but we get to spend the season for the first time ever with our sweet girl. I know she’s tiny but I’m still going all out for her and starting as many traditions as we can!

I did get her Christmas presents, I know I know she’s only 5 months but I stuck to the “something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read”! I love that idea and I hope to keep carrying that through throughout her and any future kiddos Christmas season! If she’s anything like me, she’ll love giving even more than getting and this will be one of her fave times of the year. This house is really making me realize “less is more” so I downsized a lot on Christmas decor and the stuff I added I tried to make sure it offered more of a minimal This year, I tasked myself with “trying” not to buy to much new stuff, but I did sell a lot of our old stuff and then used that money to buy a couple things (i figure that is my work around), just to make it a bit more neutral decor to suit this house a bit more than what worked in our old house. Again, I went with a bit of less is more so not every nook and cranny got decorated but a nice couple of statement pieces. Without further adieu, take a ranch home tour of Christmas for 2021! (Links included at the end of this post).

I want to add a disclaimer here & I may have posted the exact thing last year but it’s important. You may see home bloggers or style bloggers who change their decor out yearly. It’s not realistic for myself (I have been building my main tree theme for close to 5 years! I buy a couple ornaments each year)! And it’s probably not realistic for most people! A lot of these folks are gifted or may purchase for a campaign who knows, BUT what I want to say… If that makes you feel bad about yourself, your decor, the holiday whatever it may be. SHUT THE APP DOWN (even if it means not reading the rest of those post, I don’t care.. yourself comes first!). Please, you are doing enough, you are enough and you are WAY more than decor. Remember the reason for the season.. family, friends, jesus & LOVE. Thanks ❀️

Christmas Links

Christmas Tree (Main) | Pencil Tree | Garland (Over Window & Mantle) | Garland Filler (mantle) | Stockings | Front Door 5 ft. Tree | Candle Sticks

Wood Signs & Stocking Tags – Handcrafted by Elle and Bee

All Ornaments from Michael’s store & Canadian Tire. I would link them all but a lot of individual that I buy 3-6 of each year.

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