Master Bath Reno Plans!

HAPPY NOVEMBER!!! EEEEE.. it’s basically the best time of year! But that’s not why we are here today!! TODAY, I am sharing our design plans for our master bath Reno!

This one will be a big one! This will also be the first big renovation project we tackle ourselves. We’ve never done anything to this level of reno/DIY. This not only is a big work project but a big cost project, so while we save some money up to do this, I will be day dreaming of it! We did some design plans/lay out options and measuring the other day and so following that I put together a little design board of what we would like to do!! Sharing that below then we will get into the nitty gritty details! The links included are ones I used to build the design board, I will admit that I am still on the hunt for some more budget friendlier options (mostly for the vanity, shower glass and tub insert!). When I share the finished project, whenever that is, I will share updated links of what was actually used!

Master Bath Design Board

Links for design board

Floor Tile | Vanity | Vanity Lights | Ceiling Mount Light | Hand Towel Rack | Towel Rack | Shower Head/Faucet Set | Sink Faucets | Glass Shower Door | Single Towel Hooks | Mirrors | Cabinet | Ikea Dupe Cabinet | Subway Tile | Floor & Tile Grout | Paint

Our Current Bathroom!

I’m sure you have not seen this space unless you follow me on stories, in that case I probably would have shown it on move in weekend! We really like the size of this bathroom, but now that we have lived here for about 6 months we have some ideas on how to make it work a bit better for us, especially being this is our forever home. We think our design will make it slightly more functional for 2 people and open up the space a bit more! Right now, my husband uses our main bathroom, which is fine for now but when Halle is growing up, I am sure thats NOT going to work… LOL. This project requires taking it all the way back to studs, completely demo-ing it and then starting over. We will have to move some plumbing and add some in for a double vanity, move some lights and light switches around so it’s a big project to bite off. The bathroom will be totally out of commission until we finish it! Because this bathroom is on the original side of the house, we will be having to chip up concrete to move some of the pluming etc.. so when I say its big, its big lol. We are/will be ready (and we have some good people on standby if we need help with some of the big things ie.. electrician and plumbing, but Devin is pretty good at all that so I am not to worried!). Below is the plans……

  • We want to remove to storage closets on both sides right when you walk into the bathroom & remove the built in dresser in the back.
  • We want to add a double vanity once those two storage spaces are removed
  • We want to relocate the tub from the left hand side to go across the back wall (requires moving plumbing)
  • We want to replace the flooring
  • We want to repaint (Colour will be Grandma’s China, Benjamin Moore)
  • Add a new storage closet (linked on design board from Ikea)
  • Change out the lights and all hardware in the bathroom
  • Add subway tile surrounding the tub & wall
  • Install bathroom fan
  • Change window, adding a long rectangle horizontally (if budget permits)
  • Update pocket door design & hardware
  • Re-route the heating duct (currently coms out below the dresser, will need to be moved)
My very rough plans LOL but just to show how the layout will change

If you have made it this far, I hope that means you are in for the long haul! Once we ever break ground on this project I will be sharing it here but also documenting it all over on the instagram account (@range.rd.ranchome) ! I am so excited for this project… let the saving begin and hopefully one day soon we get to start!

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