Decorating a Basement or Low Light Area!

Ok we know basements are normally harder to decorate because they are kind of dark and just post different design conundrums… Well then throw in a basement that is the extra deep with NO WINDOWS! That is what we have here at the ranch house.

A quick back story… A reno was done to this house, the original half of the house is on a concrete slab and then the second half is over the basement.. in order to not have a weird/ big step up from the slab to addition the basement that was done was dug deeper than most basements and the top floor was placed on top, obviously, which didn’t leave room for Windows like most basements have! It’s a bit quirky, totally not for everyone, I get that. Again, this house checked all the boxes for us and so no windows didn’t bug me, it still doesn’t! BUT it did challenge me a bit in the basement design because I didn’t want it to feel like a dungeon or anything and I anticipate when the kid(s?) Are older, they may want a separate space like that to hang with friends! The basement has one “room” which is kind of our makeshift office now and the rest TBD (maybe eventually move the day bed downstairs, I am not sure), the laundry room, a “bonus space” and then typical utility room. If you have followed along for awhile you see we did a little facelift to the laundry room HERE so all i really wanted to do was kind of a similar little facelift to the basement. It will serve at the kids play space for awhile here while they are growing up so I created a Kids Corner that I will share pictures of below!

What is left is a wall treatment I have been dying to do and then adding some furniture! I am not sure when we will get to this project since its not on the highest of the priority list at the time! Check out my design board for the faux brick and entertainment area below and then see some of my tips of decorating a basement!

Basement Tips (or any space laking natural light!)

I mean if you know me AT ALL, the first thing is greenery. Ovbiously, faux since there is NO WINDOWS lol. I bought some super awesome faux plants from Ikea and a really decent Faux BOP from Canadian Tire. Faux plants are hard… make sure you have a chance to see them in person if possible because some are great and then some are SO AWFUL plastic! I will link some of the ones I got for the basement below. Greenery just helps breath that little bit of life into a space, even if its faux! and actually, any pops of colour will help!

Second, light furniture makes a HUGE Different in spaces like this OR that lack natural light. The lighter the furniture, paint etc… the more you get that “airy” feeling even if you have no light filtering in. Adding light furniture can make the room since bigger and decrease that dungeon-y feeling you get in basements and windowless spaces

Third, LIGHTING. You might normally have overhead lighting and a lamp in a space and call it good. When you are dealing with basements, load up on lighting. I mean, have good overhead lighting but also add an extra lamp or two! It gives you a bit more control on the mood of the space as well, late a night just having the lamps is nice, but during day time when kids are playing you might want it all going to mimic the daylight feeling.

Fourth, if you need/want to make the space feel bigger… Mirrors will help with that! ( I dont currently have plans to have any mirrors because #kids) but its ALWAYS helpful!

Fifth, clutter on the floors with make it feel smaller and more boxed in. In my case, literally the stuff on the floor is to be played with so its not changing, but for yourself, if you have lots of stuff on the floors it might be making it feel even more like the walls are closing in on you… de-clutter that ish!

Last, paint. If you are like us, lighter more airy paint colours are the answer. No dark tones to accentuate the lack of natural light here folks.

I hope some of these tips are helpful for those tricky spaces lacking light or having none at all! One day I will be able to share some more of the basement when we have a chance to finish it, until then sharing my design board and happy to share any links to items on it! Happy Decorating friends!

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