Sustainable Living // COMPOST!

We had success!! Our first time composing and I just tilled it into the garden for the winter!! Woohoo! Science is cool ok, I’m a huge composting nerd now.

I was not sure what to expect in terms of my compost actually breaking down. Throughout the summer I would check on it and it would be extremely dry, then it would be extremely wet and yoyo back and forth like that. With the extreme heat we had in Alberta this summer I was adding lots of wet stuff and I’m not sure if it would normally require that much! The key for me was to spin it once a week and keep a fairly close eye on it and if needed, correct the problem by adjusting wet / dry ingredients. The picture I shared in my original post starting composting was basically my Bible this summer!

Once fall hit I cleaned up the garden and spread my fully composted compost into the garden. I was told this would be great to spread in during the fall and cover with straw so the dirt can absorb the goodness of the compost and be ready to plant in the spring. Wow I’m just so thrilled it all worked out!

If you follow along on Instagram I shared on stories last week about prepping the garden for winter! Here is the compost tilled in!

I am going to keep the compost bin going during the winter, I’m not quite sure how that works with freezing weather so I’m currently just doing a bit of research of what and how but I’m excited to keep the compost bin going.. and eventually hoping to expand it! If you have been considering starting a compost I highly recommend going for it! If was fun to learn about and watch it all work itself down into dirt!

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