Master Bedroom Magic Lights

Winner winner… I found some lights! I had a set picked out that has been on backorder for like 100 years. Then I happened to be walking the isles of our local home hardware and I saw this set and I was like hey these are super cute and they will work with the magic light trick I have in mind!

If you follow along with me, you know I LOVE nesting with grace .. I share a lot of links to her blog because she has taught me so many tricks and has so many tips! She is basically the better more practical version of Joanna Gaines, YA I SAID THAT!

My plan in the master bedroom was always to add sconce lighting! In our room because it’s a bit on the smaller side, our king bed takes up basically the whole room. There is no additional space for side tables. This may have been a turn off for a lot of people, but in my mind it totally added to the charm of this house! If you can look past that you can see the adorable crown moulding, the beautiful fireplace and an insane amount of storage despite the size (I may not have shared much about that yet like I had planned #hadababy) lol! With that all being said, sconce lighting was the answer to my lack of nightstand space! BUT I didn’t want to hardwire or pay anything extra to add it in, so I am using Brookes (Nesting with MAGIC LIGHT TRICK!

What you need is a set of puck lights, a sconce that fits the light (unfortunately it cannot be one where you can see the bulb), a 3/4″ adapter (I always find them in the lighting section) and batteries! The 3/4″ fitting attaches to the back of the puck light and screws in like a normal light bulb would. If you are putting them in an area that’s harder to reach, I would suggest getting one with a remote! Put the batteries into the puck light and then either peel the sticker off and attach the fitting or glue the fitting to the back. I buy the ones that have stickers and so all I do it attach the fitting to the sticky part! Once attached you can screw it into the light socket like a normal light bulb!

The set of puck lights I buy comes with a remote, way easier!
I buy the ones with a sticky back, peel the sticker front off and attach the fitting.
Looks just like a regular light once installed.

Just like that we have sconces….

And the magic light trick is as simple as that! Lighting where you didn’t have lighting before! Take a peak at some pics below of how the master is looking now that we have our lights up! If you want, share some ideas of where else we can use the magic light trick in the comments section!

THE REAL REEL – As promised 🤣

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