Laundry Room Update!

Hey hey!! Trying to get my but back in gear and get on here more often but it’s seriously just so difficult! I promise to keep promising to try LOL!

If you follow along on Instagram you know I had repurposed our old bathroom cabinets for our laundry room, now they weren’t EXACTLY what I had in mind, but for a place with storage where you can close the door so it’s our of sight, really it does the trick! I painted them, with the help of my dear husband, and shortly after that he got them hung up! Then I got digging into the world of Pinterest and had some other ideas to finish it up! He built me a shelf to frame in the washer and dryer, I felt like this just made it look super crisp. Then I found some wallpaper on sale so I went ahead and added it to the back wall! This wallpaper was not originally what I had planned, but honestly I couldn’t decide WHAT to do so since it was on sale I figured why not and then down the road, if I can finally make a decision I can just tear it down quickly!

Now that I finally had a chance to finish it up I will share some of the finished project with you! Thanks for stopping by ❤️

The Finished Room!

And something I wanted to start doing on my page / blog was show the “real” finished project! Yes I leave some parts of the room styled like my photos but a lot comes out to make it looks “done”! So I want to highlight the real life part of it too.. so below you see what this space looks like day to day not just styled! I just wanted to start doing this to highlight the fact that most homes are instagram shots ready 24/7! If anyone is like me, you get the shot and then change it back to have all the real life aspects … ie kids toys and extra STUFF lol!

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