10 Habits to Stay Organized at Home

Happy friday Lovies! I am sharing my 10 tips on how I keep my home tidy daily and my best organization tips I have developed over the past 3 years. I am a bit of a neat freak so in order for me to shut down at the end of the day, my house has to be somewhat put together so I know I am waking up to a fresh start tomorrow. Because of that, I have learned some things that REALLY help me to stay on top of it all! Sharing with you today because I know we are all running and gunning and anything to make life easier is where its at! Start implementing these today and see the small changes make a big impact!

Streamline Tasks

This one is good for us type A folks, streamlining tasks is great! When we have to run uptown, we group everything together in one visit and just get it out of the way. We do the same at home, if the bathrooms have to be cleaned, just do all 3 at once! (Maybe that is your monday chore if you like to split it up that way!)

One Load of Laundry/ Day- Wash, Dry Fold DAILY

My sister taught me this one and I am forever thankful for it! Each day you put a load in the washer, move the previously washed clothes to the dryer and fold the clothes from the washer! This helps you keep up on the laundry (for myself with a well I can only do one load a day!) and keep it organized but having the clean folded that day. This includes putting it away as best you can! You will start to look forward to the easy towel days let me tell ya!

Put items away right away (No you won’t do it tomorrow)

I used to be THE WORST for leaving items on the stairs that needed to be put away. This is the worst habit I developed so I had to change it and the only thing that worked for me was to put stuff away ASAP and not let it linger for hours and then days. As much as you say I’ll take it up next time, it just doesn’t happen and then all of a sudden you are walking over it for 3 days! (although right now I am notorious for leaving stuff at the top of the stairs for a couple of days and then doing some up and down trips at once LOL.. moving probs)! Not going to lie, since Halle came I fell back into this habit … Trying my best to get back in the groove!

Cleaning Schedule / Cleaning Supplies

A good way to stay on top of your cleaning, at least for me anyways, was to have kind of set schedule for what gets done when. For our house, because we have a dog, I sweep or vacuum ALMOST nightly! I do my one load of laundry a day (if required) and then Monday would be to tidy the main floor, Tuesday would be to vacuum the carpets, Wednesday would be bathrooms, Thursday would be emptying garbages, Friday (nothing LOL) and then Saturday would be an hour or two of anything I had left, Sunday NOTHING. This is really high level and just an example, our house is small so this was really easy because one thing a night meant Saturday was a super quick clean.

The second thing, which I thought was SO WEIRD at first was having cleaning supplies for everything on each floor/ each bathroom. Then the laziness doesn’t kick in of having to haul cleaning supplies around if that if your crutch. I hated running up and down the stairs so to have everything I could need upstairs and get it done was a really good time saver/ motivator for me! The other option which is new to me from Go Clean Co is to make a caddy, then its still easy to move from room to room is you don’t want 4 bottles of the same cleaner!

De-clutter Schedule (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually ….)

I make it a priority to go through clothes, closets, and storage every quarter! I started doing this because in the townhouse if I didn’t things would pile up and it would start to feel really closed in to me. At the new house, I have no plan.. at the current moment I am literally just trying to find everything a home without moving it 407 times!

Make your Bed

Yaaaaaaaaa, so I have probably not done this since I was 20 weeks pregnant and now Halle is almost 3 months old .. whoops! ONCE for a rental showing LOL. I have slacked big time. BUT prior to this, this is something I did daily, make the bed, put the pillows back together and I swear your days have a better start. That tiny little accomplishment sets the tone for a good day.

End of Day 10 Second Tidy!

It MIGHT be more than 10 seconds, like maybe 5 minutes! But, every night I wipe down the kitchen, put anything away, clean off the high bar (now just the counter tops and kitchen table), clean up the front entry of shoes and pick anything up off the floor upstairs and downstairs. It helps my mind to calm down and you always know when you wake up in the morning you have a tidy house to work with. If you get in the habit of this quick little tidy it can also be a good trigger for your brain to know its wind down time. This doesn’t need to be crazy by any means! Set a timer on your phone and get as much done in that timeframe if that helps you. Just the simple fact of doing that NIGHTLY will make such a big difference in being able to keep stuff in its spots and areas clear. Clutter Free Space = Clutter Free Brain!

Find your perfect organization “system”

So, the home edit might not work for you. You might buy the bins, organize the crap, colour everything and have it ruined within the week. Personally, that “system” is not what worked for me. Find what works best for you and then run with it! Everything takes time to determine what works. Once you have a system just keep going, build the habit and then it just becomes second nature.

Load the dishwasher & Wash Overnight

This is something I live and breath for. EVERY night a load of dishes gets done (part of the kitchen tidy, empty sink = great feeling) and I TRY to empty it while I make coffee/breakfast each morning! This kind of became a habit like the laundry, this was I was not coming home daily to sink full of dishes AND a full dishwasher. Dishes are my worst enemy, I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!! This was THE hardest habit and THE easiest for me to break! I know I feel better when I am following this routine though, so I just try my best to suck it up and do it daily. Start with 21 days (you know, thats how you make something a habit blah blah) and just commit. I think its helpful if you have a house like mine where the kitchen is kind of the place to be.

Write Lists!

Use your phone notepad, crossing off your “to-do” has to be one of THE most satisfying things ever. This keeps me motivated, knowing I got x,y,z done today and now on the weekend I only have w left to do! It also helps to keep running lists of bigger to-do’s if they are multi step for example! My phone notepad is basically the holy grail of to do, to buy and I have one for “to plan”

Hope some of this might help you, these were little things I had developed over the past couple of years that definitely kept me in check! Being a neat freak by nature helps of course too but there are some things I have to work really hard at and this is my why/how! Good luck and let me know if you have other tips to share!!

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