Hello again…

Well it’s been some time folks. I had a bunch of blog posts lined up to go while dealing with a newborn, in the end I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and decided to pull them while we got used to our new roles in life!

I came here briefly to introduce Halle and since then have been mostly MIA! we had a rocky start to our time together but here we are at 2 months and things are settling into a routine.. as much as they can with a 2 month old! You prepare SO MUCH for labor but you never prepare for all the s.h.*.t that comes after, the emotional roller coaster that is motherhood is no friggen joke. No matter what I could have done/read, I would have never been ready for all that came. We struggled with breastfeeding, eating, gas, sleep … Everything that makes days good or bad we struggled with and basically made all ours days “bad”. I couldn’t have made it without the mountain of support I had from my husband, mom, MIL, sister’s you name it, everyone was here. Don’t even feel like it makes you less of a mother, accept the help… It will save you. I can dig deeper into all this in another post if you want but I’m just hardly skimming the surface!!

I have managed to work on a couple of projects in the mean time! I am working in some posts and pictures and I will be sharing them soon. Slowly, we are checking things off our wish list that we had when we bought this property AND adding to the list as we go! Stay tuned for some house updates and if you want a sneak peak.. check out the range road ranch instagram!

Thanks for sticking with me ❤️

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