Pregnancy // 3rd Trimester Labour & Life Prep!

Hey Friends! Baby N is sleeping & I am taking some time to do some writing! I wanted to share some of my labour and life prep I started doing in my 3rd trimester! All in hopes to prepare for successful delivery no matter where you have a baby! Hopefully it’s helpful if you are closing in on your guess date!! Sending all the strength and positive vibes your way mama!

Postpartum supplies – started to order anything I thought I might need for myself 🙂 Also ask your hospital what they provide! I talked to several moms and got a good list of what to pack/not pack (hint its a lot less than you think you need!)

  • Disposable Underwear / Adult Diapers
  • Huge Pads & Regular Pads
  • Nursing Bras
  • Comfy Clothes (some PJ sets from Knix and Lounge sets from SHIEN)
  • Breast pads and cooling pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Peri Bottle
  • Witch Hazel Pad Liners / Tucks Pads
  • New cheap underwear I could just throw out if I needed (wal mart brand is dope)
  • I stocked up on Toilet paper for the house and paper towel
  • I bought an extra set of sheets and a mattress protector – for anything coming from me potentially or if the baby is in bed in the future spitting up etc…

I also started Prepping for our birth by getting my mind and body ready for delivery!

  • Each day I listed to my positive birth affirmation playlist – I had a couple that I liked that I will link! (I normally did this while I walked)
  • I started meeting with my Doula, Kirsti from Mindful Wellness who does birth work locally for Cold Lake/Bonnyville (Check her out here). I would highly recommend working with her or a doula locally to you! I can’t say enough how she helped prep me mentally but also was an amazing guide on what to expect and how to navigate such a new time (I will probably share a whole separate post on this this topic because I am very passionate about this).
  • I walked almost daily for about 1-2.5KM, along with some sort of 20 minute pre-natal yoga or workout. ( i will link some of my fave from youtube!) Around 39 weeks I gave up the yoga and workout and was mostly walking, bouncing and doing the circuit listed below.
    • This quick bedside stretch I used almost daily
    • This quick pre-natal yoga sequence (I would use my micro breaks at work and do this 1-2 times a day or at lunch!) – Any of Sarah Beth’s pre natal yoga was my go to!
    • Fit by Laurie – Her pre-natal workouts were some of my fave so just linking her whole page!
  • I meditated daily as soon as I woke up, just for 5 minutes was better than nothing.
  • I practiced my hypno-breathing techniques (normally around bedtime). and completed the remainder of my hypnobirthing classes! This became especially important towards the end because of the insane changes I had to make in my birth plan during my 3rd trimester, I had to start preparing for a totally different environment for birth than I had planned!
  • I did 15 squats every 30 minutes (I just kept a timer going on my phone!)
  • I started drinking raspberry leaf tea at 30 weeks (I started with one cup a day), around 37 weeks I had 2 cups a day.
  • I started eating dates at 36 weeks (approx. 6/day!)
  • I got my labour playlist ready and listened to it daily as well and hoped maybe it was soothing the baby and they would recognize it after they were born and find it calming lol!
  • I ordered essential Oils that I wanted on hand (clary sage, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose oil, orange and lavender (google all the benefits of these oils they are good for different parts of pregnancy and labour). Around 36 weeks I started to diffuse them in my bedroom around bedtime and made a roller ball to put on my belly.
  • prepare for having my baby at the hospital.
    • This included packing my hospital bag which I read 3001 blog posts on what people brought and in the end just kept it simple
    • Installing the car seat base and getting the car seat ready
    • preparing a birth preference list for a hospital birth and planning what i wanted to have in my room during labor.
    • Meet with my delivery doctor and learn what I could/could not do delivering in a hospital

When I was trying to get some active labor going….

  • Lots of walking aka waddling up and down our range road LOL.
  • Lots of sitting on my birth balls (see this youtube for tips on how to use!)
  • Curb Walking (I did this up and down my stairs)
  • lots of loveeeeeeing (IYKYK) lol.
  • The Miles Circuit (do it)
  • Lots of trusting the process so I didn’t feel stressed and slow anything down!
  • Relaxing – lots of naps, reading books, sitting outside, gardening etc.. anything oxytocin releasing type of activity!
  • 39 week checkup I did a sweep at the doctors office (i was slightly desperate)

Getting our Home & Rooms ready – Obviously we moved in the middle of my 3rd trimester so we had to completely re-set up the baby room and unpack all our stuff (thankfully the nesting instinct kicked in and our house was unpacked fairly quickly)

  • We set up the new baby room at the new house, I got it all re-organized and found homes for everything we had got for the baby so far!
  • Once we got our own room set up, I had the baby sleeping area ready for where they would stay in our room.
  • I got the diaper/breastfeeding caddy ready in hopes to be prepared once they were here
  • I cleaned and organized like a mad woman! I also de-cluttered like crazy which in hindsight, moving at this time was perfect for lol!

Life after birth Prep

  • I cooked 2 freezer meals OR a snack (muffins, breakfast, granola etc..) each weekend and started stocking the freezer for after the baby got here. Devin is only taking one week off, I thought it might be helpful for lunches to even have quick easy stuff to pull out and cook and then he would have lunch for the week! I also asked anyone who offered help to cook a freezer meal as well, it might feel awkward but for myself personally the one thing that gets cut our when I am tired is cooking. I didn’t want to be eating crap right after delivery so this seemed like the best way for me to prep.
  • I made a grocery list “guideline” that could be put in for pickup in case I had the opportunity for someone to do it for me after the baby came (ahem.. mom LOL). I saved the list as a fave on my PC app and all I had to do was add to cart and send someone for pick up. To easy.
  • I washed and sanitized all the paci’s and bottles
  • I washed all the baby clothes, blankets and burp clothes! I organized all the drawers and closet space with what I had accumulated so far.
  • I finished buying safety gear for the baby (car seat, base, monitor etc..) and submitted anything covered by insurance to them. (check with your provider, a lot of PSA or HSA’s with cover baby safety supplies, breast pumps etc..)
  • I texted with my photographer and gave her an idea of what was happening and we set a plan to just let her know once the baby came and we would get photos done within the week (I ordered some cute dresses I thought might be good postpartum that would also be nice for photos!)

I am a pretty Type A person so this prep was a source of comfort for me, I know not everyone goes this hard but I did what I thought would set me up as best as possible for baby! Hopefully some of these tips are helpful and no matter what you do, the excitement of waiting to meet your little one will get you through!

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