Where I buy the Best Peel & Stick Wallpaper

We all know that Peel and stick wallpaper has easily become one of my fave DIY/decor finishing touches! It is not only super easy, but adds the quickest pop or fun or pattern your need to finish off a room/space! Now that I have done it in a couple rooms I have kind had a chance to test out some different brands and I wanted to share! I honestly have not used a brand that is bad per say, I had luck with every single roll I have bought so far. I thought I would round up what I have used for those of you looking to get into the Peel and Stick Wallpaper game!

WallPops – NuWallpaper

When I shop through Wallpops I am normally buying the NuWallpaper brand. I like going through Wallpops because they have a really good selection of colours and patterns and they normally have good sales! As a side, once I learned the brand shipping was NuWallpaper I have also had luck finding it at Canadian sites like Home Depot, Canadian Tire and at a local paint store (Disclaimer – they do not carry the amount of patterns and colours wallops does, so it might not hurt to check the site first if you have a certain vision in mind!)


The only reason I know or have ever shopped this brand is because I am a die hard Nesting with Grace Blog following and she came out with the cutest little line of wallpaper with them! I have not used the stuff I bought yet which actually works out because now it can go up at the new house! Like mentioned above, I have not actually used mine but the reviews are all good, not just with her line with them, but all of them. I like shopping on this site because they break down shopping by patter, colour etc.. it makes it super easy to search!

Magnolia Brand – Bought at Rona

I love the magnolia brand, as I am sure anyone else in the home decor world who loves Jojo does too 🙂 no shame y’all its so beautiful! I was upset because for a long time I could only find it at target and I am just not paying US dollars plus shipping for it. Finally as a stumble upon it one day I realized I could buy it from there! Its great because they have this darling olive tree print I have been dying to use and I know exactly where it is going at the new house (cough Entry way with board and batten cough). I will share a sneak of it below, its beautiful!

West Coast Walls

The last brand I used was West Coast Walls (these were the decals for baby room!) I loved that they were local to Canada and anytime I look that is normally the first place I go check now! They were awesome sellers to deal with and they have some of THE MOST darling designs for their wallpaper and decals! ALSO as a side, we put up these decals, took them down to move to the new house AND re-hung them with no issues, so the quality is BEYOND!

Rocky Mountain Decals

One last place where the quality is outstanding is Rocky Mountain Decal – I will warn you this might be more of splurge type of wallpaper. The price is up there but it shows in the amazing quality of decals/wallpaper that you get!

If you are looking to add some Wallpaper I would highly recommend starting by seeing if you can find a print from one of the five companies above! Or chat with your local design friends/facebook group and get some recommendations. The better quality the peel and stick the WAY easier it goes up. Take it from me, you don’t want to end up with a balled up roll of wallpaper, saying f it never again LOL (been there the first time, my walls were not prepped good enough, MY FAULT)! BUT after the first meltdown, you totally get on a roll and its soo simple its not even funny! Hope this helps my loves.. Happy wallpapering!

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