Bathroom Tile Refresh!

So let me start by saying how much I love this bathroom tile, but the FIRST thing you notice is how the grout is not really looking “clean” anymore! I have two ideas to fix this situation!

Idea one…. If you follow go clean co. You know what I’m about to say! I got my hot water and powdered tide in a gallon of water and scrubbed the grout with my scrub brush (like a big toothbrush) see my before and after of this below. It worked pretty good, this was definitely a good place to start. I also did this on the bathroom counter top grout which I’m adding photos of too!

Second… My grout pen to shine it all up. Once it was cleaned I still decided to go over all the grout with the white pen and give it a really nice fresh look! I felt like the grout pen was the best alternative because there is no possible way I would re-grout this space lol! I love this tile in here and I’m excited it’s looking a little bit more fresh! I feel the need to add a disclaimer now this is complete- It took a very long time and I went through all three pens that came in the pack but it was definitely worth it. And actually second disclaimer, the pens started being a real pain in my behind towards the end. It’s like the tips got to worn down and it became really hard to get the paint out I had to shake and load paint A LOT more than at the beggining, it was kind of an inconvenienence. It took me almost an entire day, I know it’s because this tile is more intricate if you had just basic subway tile it would be easy! Just be prepared If you have tile that looks like mine or any sort of design element to it! I’m not complaining, it was +37 outside and I am 37 weeks pregnant so I needed an inside task because the house stays nice and cool LOL! (PS. the weather should NOT match week pregnant, that is just cruel!)

I really feel like I am about to air my dirty laundry here but sharing the before of the floors and one of the counter top! Don’t mind the dog hair, I could vacuum and sweep every 2 hours and I am sure it would still be like this LOL.

The Starting Point!

Tile Before Anything!
Counter top before

Here is some updates after I hit the floor and counter top with go clean go magic!

After scrubbing with hot water & tide .. and an awesome scrub brush I will link! If you put the before and after together it actually was a decent difference!
I didn’t see as much of a difference for the counter tops and I’m thinking it has more to do with the face the grout colour is an off white / tan, but it still made a huge difference on the edges and around the sink!

Here is a during just so you can see the contrast of before and after of WHY I wanted to do this!


Back half of the Toilet is not done (paint pen ran out and so waiting on a new one to finish and do any touch ups!)

WHEW! How much cleaner is this?! AH I am so pleased with the outcome! In my opinion this was worth the knee pain LOL! I had originally planned to do the counter tops but once I saw how WHITE this paint was I hesitated, I am glad I did. I am thinking it might be to stark white on the counter tops. I am going to sit on this for a bit and maybe find an off white I think would be good for touch ups or just give it another good scrub.. I need more time to think!! lol. Thanks for tuning in!

Quick Links:
Grout Pen
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Scrub Brush

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