Quick & Easy Fireplace Makeover!

I LOVE THIS HOUSE!! I had two fireplaces to give a quick little face lift too, it was a fun day to work on one, can you tell this is my fave hobby?! I wanted to get both done either close to or just after move in! I managed to get the main living room done fairly quickly and I will share that today!


I spray painted the gold plates black because gold is so not my style, but matte black is my jam! Once that dried I painted the old tile with tile paint a plain old White! I also painted the hearth part as well! This was super speedy. The tile took 3 coats of paint. I used this paint and this spray paint (you can use whatever brand, just make sure it is heat resistant or it can peel)! I really wanted to go over the tile with some sort of temporary tile with a fun pattern but I did not have the energy to deal with the curved mantle top right now #verypregnant LOL so that is why I just decided to paint it white for the time being! Also, its the main space so having a clean white fireplace can let us do some fun design elements somewhere else!

Eventually for this fireplace I would love to replace the mantle with wood & I found a blog post linked here that I think we will follow closely! Otherwise, the shiplap and state of this fireplace is quite gorgeous! If we live here 25+ years maybe down the road we will see what we can come up with 😉


Realtor listing, this was from before moved in!
I obviously took to the people to see what their thoughts were!
Look at the difference in just changing the gold! I love it already!!


The how to!

Clean your fireplace really good with hot water and dawn dish soap. Tape off the tile really well make sure if you are using spraypaint you are taping off glass, walls etc.. to account for overspray! In this case I took the gold pieces right out and spray painted outside in a well ventilated area and then I rolled on the white paint directly to the tile and used a smaller paint brush to get the edges and grout lines! I will finish this off with caulking in the broken grout lines and against the bottom trim (I just didn’t have any caulk with me and had already gone to town lol!)


For the fireplace in our bedroom, I also used the Rustoleum heat resistant black spray paint to eliminate the gold gate on the fireplace front! To be completely honest, that is all I have done in the master bedroom. I’m very pregnant and very tired LOL! I was originally planning to cover this tile, after a lot of searching I found a relatively nice but still cheap set of stick tiles that I thought would be a good in between alternative. These are the tiles I was looking at. However, once we moved in the current tile design kind of grew on me and instead of covering them with peel & stick I thought white paint may be a good idea in here too! Eventually when I make a final decision on what I like I will share an update, for now I just changed out the gold! I have to figure out how to get the gold strip at the bottom off the spray paint but that’s a project for another day 😄


Listing photo!


Something I would love to do in the master bedroom is make this a brick fireplace that just goes all the way up the wall with a nice wood mantle! I was pinning black brick to make a statement, but now living here I’m undecided if I would do something dark like black or white brick! I have seen people use the faux brick sheets from Lowes and that is exactly what I think I would use here. Sharing some future inspo photos!

Quick links to products used:
Spray Paint
White Tile Paint
Painters Tape
Stick Tiles
Mantle Makeover blog

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the newly branded blog. We are already loving having a new house and giving me all these projects to work through. If you do a fireplace makeover be sure to tag me so I can share it!


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