Range Rd. Ranch – “Outside Living” Design Board

I have been having some fun looking around at decks, patios, outdoor decor etc, knowing now that we will actually have a yard with a back deck/patio that we can spend time on! I kind of started throwing together some ideas I thought that I would love to eventually work on for an “outdoor living space” at the new house I someday hope to be able to put together for the short summers we have to really enjoy it for all its worth! This project might take years to accumulate all the decor I have picked for it, but thats part of the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

*LISTING PHOTO FROM REALTOR.CA* Just a reminder of what the back deck / patio currently looks like! Also this picture is deceiving, the deck is actually quite large in real life! Read the story below for some more info.

A little backstory here…. One of the things noted in our home inspection was that the septic tank (ya lets talk about POOP! lol) would need to be replaced like within the time we moved in before it was winter (they gave us a timeframe of somewhere between move in to september)! Knowing this, we had worked with a local company to get a plan in place as the tank is located under the deck. This meant that at some point after moving in we were going to have to deconstruct the deck, patio pavers and rock garden that surrounded in so that all the trucks and workers could have access to the space they needed to remove and install a new tank! According to the company, we will need to remove the deck basically all the way to the stairs coming off the back, pick up all patio pavers and move (or else they will get crushed), and get all the rock out of the way on the ground beside the deck. Originally we panicked a little, we didn’t think we could move in and get the deck off in time, we didn’t think we could live there right away etc… after coming up with a plan though we learned we could move in and this change would take a couple days but really only leave us without a bathroom for approximately half a day. MUCH more manageable. Anyways… long story short, because we do have to remove half of it, if not more, of the deck we had kind of decided, we will take it off and just leave it that way for the rest of the year and then make this a 2022 project to re-build/re-design the deck. (Also.. maybe we were a little hopeful lumber price would level out by next summer and we could actually afford to re-build lol). Our plan would just be to add stairs off the sliding door for the time being! Because of ALL that, my brain went into work mode to plan an outdoor space for once the deck is put back together! I thought I would hop on and share my semi-done design board and some really really cute outdoor decor I found while making it & some ideas I had to make it a fun outdoor space!

Here is to hoping we can get it set up for 2022, but for this summer we will just enjoy the property the way it is. For me, that is to easy considering we basically have no private outdoor space at the townhouse lol! Also, there is a nice little front patio that will fit our current bistro set perfectly, so I can spend most of my time there this summer (backup plan 101! lol)

I’ve always wanted a really nice put together patio, below is what I always envisioned.. especially the neon light up sign.. I don’t know why but I love the idea of a cool sign. I once saw one that said this must be the place in someones back yard makeover and I have wanted ever since! My dream board below is calm, chill with a touch of colour & tons of plants! I hope when we re-build the deck to paint it black or for simpler maintenance do a really dark almost black stain! Add in all the twinkly lights and a little mini bar and we will be set for every night of the summer!! I hope to get some nice hanging plants and planters full of flowers to brighten up the space! But keeping it natural and calm overall! Lets give the back side of this house some lovin’!

Patio Set | Egg Chair | Concrete Planter | String Lights | Lumbar Pillow | Throw Pillow | Faux Boxwood | Fire Table Top | Outdoor Area Rug | Lanterns | Patio Umbrella | Neon Sign

Like how cool would a big neon sign like this be? I have always wanted one for a patio! Like I said, I once saw someone add it to their backyard makeover, they hung it on the deck railing which I thought was so cool! Would love to do something similar.

Below are some of the Pergola Ideas I had pinned (wow how much do I love Pinterest). I would love to put something up like this with tons of lights hanging off of it! I have no idea what the best design for the house will be once we can rebuild the deck so I tried to pin a bunch of different ideas! This is my Summer Decor board that I have been trying to save all my ideas too if you want to follow along! It has tons of DIY ideas, design ideas, different layouts.. you name it! I pin everything to it that is catching my eye because I have never had a outdoor space so I am trying to keep my mind open to any/all ideas!

I loved the idea of having two pendants hanging from the pergola somewhere that would look something like this!
I thought this was an awesome idea if you need more room to string up lights!

Anyways, this is just some fun ideas I had started compiling in the hopes of one day working on this outdoor project. I would love any input on what you think I should add or take away ๐Ÿ™‚ One day I will share the after… until then I will keep dreaming!

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