My fave RW House Projects!

Well, I have to look back now that I am leaving the townhouse and reminisce on all the work we have done in this townhouse! I loved all the work we did together, it’s so fun to look back and see how far we came! Sometimes I think Devin MAYBE thought I was a little nuts when I suggested some ideas, but most of the time he came around πŸ™‚

Starting with the “cloffice” just because I have spent soon much time here in the last year! When we started re-doing the upstairs I originally suggested this idea because I still wanted an office but didn’t want to dedicate an entire room to it. Little did I know, 14 months later I would STILL be using it! It actually turned our so well because we built this into the closet and provided the space we needed for a little office all while still managing to have somewhat a guest/cozy room space to hang out when needed. I went with a subtle wallpaper and dark green wall as a fun accent in this space. I have loved working from here the last year and a bit, I will be sad when I come back from mat leave to actually be going into my office at site LOL (well at least I think we will be back by 2022 but what does any one know anymore!).

I think this accent wall might be my FAVOURITE project we completed, its hard to quantify them but honestly this one just pops and every day I like it more and more. This was a fun idea I played with for soo long a black accent wall in the kitchen? Girl, you cray. Honestly, I was unsure even when I started painting this but in true Jamie fashion, fake it until ya make it. I just went for it. It DID NOT disappoint y’all, look at this! When we showed it as a rental soon many people commented on how cool it was, and I may be biased, but I agree! This is one project I will miss.. Although I do have a shiplap wall and half a gallon of Onyx left over.. sooo… maybe it will make an appereance in the new house who knows. LOL.

Is there anything more sad than putting together a cute little baby room like this and then tearing it down two months later LOL! I loved this room, I used to just sit in here to be in here. I couldn’t wait for baby to use it. I ended up pulling off the decals and I will literally hit copy and paste at the new house πŸ™‚ just wait and see.

THE FIREPLACE!! AH i love this space. Honestly, we spend a lot of time down here after it was done, like basically every night of winter LOL and christmas was fabulous. I love it. It was so much fun to build this, especially after how long I wanted a fireplace for! Now our new place HAS TWO! (yay!!). This cozy spot will be a special project in my heart forever!

A quick budget friendly update was this peel and stick backsplash! I can’t believe we waited so long. I was sooo happy when it was done, especially how much it seemed to compliment the black accent wall. Really this space got a transformation that I loved, without overhauling the entire kitchen! It was great!

If you were around long enough you will remember the “old” guest room where I told myself to work WITH the colour, carpet etc.. and just use what I had! This room was one of my fave, so bright and kind of feminine. Honestly it was just so simple and I loved it.

You can’t claim to have a “modern farmhouse” without a barn door somewhere can you!? LOL. I loved adding this door to our bedroom, not only is it super cute but it gave us a lot more room in our closet which was a huge bonus in my books!! It was super quick to slap up and stain and I think it adds soo much to this bedroom. This is one thing I am super sad to be leaving behind!

THE LAUNDRY ROOM. Ugh this wallpaper I will never stop loving it. It’s so beautiful, honestly thinking of where it can go in the new house! I was new to my DIY adventures here so I did what I called a poor man’s version of board and batten where I just added horizontal board as a boarder and painted the bottom. One, I was not super confident in my DIY ability and two, I figure since it’s such a small space and the washer and dryer covered up most it would look good anyways. I feel like I was right! Lol! It definitely made doing laundry more bearable when it looked this cute!!

I sadly can’t find the before picture of this bar.. but let’s just say it had a HUGE overhaul and made the basement like 400x better looking. Plus we got a super awesome wine fridge from the brick to top it off!

We took our first stab at peel and stick wallpaper in 2017 I think with this whitewashed shiplap wall! It’s still holding on 3 years later in the mater bedroom and if we were staying I had no plans to make changes, I still love it!.

Last, but certainly not least.. my fave project πŸ™‚ Growing my family, getting married and learning how to navigate life together. We were so blessed for all that happened in this house. Its hard to walk away when so much goodness has happened in between these walls, but I know that the ranch house will bring us that and even more. This place will hold the most specialist of spots in my heart forever. The beginning of Devin and I, the first serious commitments together and the start of our growing family. I feel so blessed to have lived here and left our mark in this spot. I hope that feeling of home continues for the people who come after us. (and cue 29 week Jamie crying ahh). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting us at The Rocky Way House the past couple of years. It means so much and I love to share about us & our home, this outlet has become such a high point for me so I imagine it just keeps going up from here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will chat soon πŸ™‚ Cheers.

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