Range Rd. Ranch Potential Projects!

As you guys know, we bought the ranch house and today I wanted to share some of the ideas we have to make it ours over the next couple of years! We started to write down somethings that eventually we would love to tackle and I thought I would share!

This house was built in the 80’s and it has been updated so nicely. We love the majority of the finishes and what they have done with it! It also had an addition added at some point and we are told the addition is actually all of the end of the house with the bedrooms. Because of the addition there it not to much work to do since it’s already had a little lovin! I am going to lay out some ideas we have below. As we work our way through them you can bet you will be seeing the corresponding blog posts with before and afters, and maybe I will get better at posting instructions along with my posts!

Lets start with (maybe) Re-doing the flooring OR re-staining the hardwood (we do have crazy Sadie that might do some damage)! The house right now has hardwood, vinyl, carpet and laminate all on the main floor and you can see all 4 options as you walk in. Here are my original idea boards below. One thing that stumped me was the cedar roofing in the kitchen, was everything clashing or did it work!? I did SOOO much Pinterest surfing. If you follow our “dream home” board, you can see I pinned like crazy to get an idea of what colour flooring to go with because I wanted to leave the roof as is, in the kitchen! If you want to follow the dream home board you can find it here. Another idea would be to refinish the hardwood as it definitely shows some age and then add carpet to the master. No final decision has been made LOL. Stay tuned for the full reveal of our new flooring.

Adding some dimension to the front of the house! Yes, I know its a ranch style and I love the house for that, but a little extra curb appeal never hurt anyone! We plan to add these decor pieces to the garage, it was a easy little upgrade! We also want to add some a peak (dormer, awning not sure what to call it!) to the front of the house above the front door, extend the little deck that they have to match the peak and then add a little trellis over the garage (not sure the legit name). Adding my Pinterest inspo photos!

Bathroom Tile Refresh – quick and easy, I will probably do this before we even move in. I will just go over the grout with this ground pen to bring it back to life! Between that and a little go clean co loving, this tile will look brand new!

Bathroom Upgrade – this might take longer than the grout refresh so I am going to separate them. I WILL try and do this while on mat leave because I have time but this will be budget dependent. I want to paint the vanity either a light blue or green (some colour ideas below!), paint the walls white (white I know, NOT normally a Jamie pick LOL, but this bathroom has no windows!), take the upper cabinets off the wall and replace the mirror with a larger one! This bathroom has the original tub so eventually even though all the tile is brand new, I would ideally love to replace it. I will NOT be changing the counter tops, I LOVEEE them!

Master Bathroom – not planning honestly to do much, it has a nice soaker tub tucked in the back but I would love to upgrade the vanity and add some paint and a different light fixture. It is great for the time being!

We think maybe at some point we might change the lay out of the deck but that might be years and years down the road! However I would love to add a little pergola of some sort like the photo below!

Upgrade the garden – make it MUCH larger. Maybe move from boxes to directly in ground. Still researching this one.. seeing how the first summer out here goes, where the best sun is etc.. but you can bet your bottom our garden will be big!!

Fireplaces – In the living room I would love to replace the mantle with wood, update the tile and get rid of the gold plating. Otherwise, love it! In the master, drywall over the opening OR use the faux brick and brick it all over and paint it black (obviously!) to make a nice statement in the bedroom! Same deal here in master, get rid of the gold plating on the front! My plan right now is just spray paint the gold plating and paint the tile white when we move in as a little bandaid. Who knows, that may be all we decide to do! The charm is there!

Kitchen counters are currently laminate – we would love to upgrade them to some sort of white granite because I’m rough on counters lol… but we are not in rush on this one! I love the kitchen as it is. Ps..the cabinets are painted and they did a really good job and I’m so greatful I don’t have to do anything to them!

Front yard garden beds (across the front of the house) I will be planting some more in there maybe throughout the second summer of living after I have some time to research what will be best and can assess the sunlight we get! OR second option, depending on water/drainage in the spring we may get rid of them if they are causing issues. We need to see what happens first!

In the basement, I would like to add some awesome built ins (without a fireplace) think Ikea hack (and see one quick inspo pic below!)

Repaint the front door or replace the front door! Except I am not making this decision while pregnant because I literally cannot decide on anything LOL! I will tackle it later in the summer or next! The only reason I say replace is I saw this Pinterest photo below and I thought that might be perfect to make the entry feel more open! Again.. not something I’m in a rush to do, just an girl brainstorming over here!

Board and pattern in the entry with some small coat hooks (like the photo above). Entry way is very small as expected in an 80’s house so I thought this might be a good option for when guests are over to have a coat storage option. We have also considered turning the closet into a “mud room” (kind of like the photo below) but we need to assess the storage situation before we fully get rid of a closet!

Upgrading some lights – the lighting is different all over the house! We want to replace the dining room lights and living room scones. Some of the hall “boob” lights need to be replaced which will come with time. All the bedrooms have fans which I would like to keep!

Lastly, an easy one, I will probably do during our first summer is add an outdoor clothes line.. who doesn’t love that smell of freshly dried clothes from outside!!

Ok, I know it seems like we are changing like the whole house, but I swear we are not LOL. It is just projects that we like to work on because they will make the house feel more like ours. In the end, it doesn’t matter ascetically what this place looks like. It matters that we come home and feel safe and loved. It matters that my baby (and future babies) know they are cozy at home, safe, confident, accepted and loved in this space! We picture many fires in the summer outside, exploration throughout the property and a tired bunch of kiddos who can spend all their days outside because they have so much space to do so! Essentially, we are building our life out here, I feel like we were meant to have this house to raise our family in 💜 and let’s be honest, I have to have a baby in the midst of this all so patience is key!

I would love for you to keep checking in as we check stuff off the list and ask any questions you have for upgrades you might want to tackle yourself! Hit follow on the blog & pinterest and don’t miss out on any of the projects coming down the pipeline.


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