We bought a Acreage!

Friends friends friends! We finally are able to share the most amazing news! We bought a fabulous little ranch house on a fabulous mature acreage and I could die! Not only do we get to have more space in the house, but we get privacy and the amazing chance to raise our kids with oodles of outside space!

This was something that we were not planning, but this little ranch house came back on the market after we thought it sold and we kind of thought, let’s just go and see. No commitments but let’s even see if this house would meet our needs and check out the property itself! Anyways after a couple of viewings and humming and hawing, lots of number crunching and oodles of paperwork, this ranch beauty is OURS! It is scary to buy a house, even scarier to buy an 80’s house and then learn ALL about acreage living. New to me, totally foreign! Devin at least has some idea from his dads but still, mostly new for both of us! We spent a lot of time watching youtube on well water, septic fields, fencing, electrical, plumbing oh my gosh you name it. Acreage living has been something we wanted for a long time and so to find an amazing property like this but for it to also have liveable & with a fairly updated house that meets our needs was HUGE. I still can’t believe this beauty is ours, we are so excited to make this house & property ours! It’s literally a dream come true!!

Something I adore, is older homes and their unique quirks. Yes, newly built homes are GORGEOUS and there is nothing wrong with them at all but sometimes I feel that it misses some character that I love to see from homes built earlier! This house is full of quirks and that is 1000% of the reason I immediately saw it and had a love for it. The roof in the kitchen, the fireplace in the bedroom, the built in dressers and storage (more to come on that), the property is mature and so well set up, ugh I could go on and on. The point being, I always thought I wanted to end up in an older acreage property & then spend time putting my own spin on it and here we are. I am just to excited!

ANYWAYS one of the exciting parts of this all aside from moving, is the chance to do a little rebrand!! I named this blog after the townhouse and now I am going to move over to the ranch and so without further adieu, the rocky way house will officially be transition to Range Rd. Ranch! I’ve worked the last couple of months to get ready for this change, from logos to blog names, instragram names and so forth. I will be going live OFFICIALLY on May 15!! So come back and check out the new brand and help share the new name.

Sharing some of the listing photos below to give you a sneak peak of the new ranch! (Can’t wait to move our furniture in & truly make it ours!!)

Stay tuned for tons of blog posts coming on this place – everything from our little upgrades, some planned projects and learning to live out of town!

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