Combined Guest Room & Office

This post has been a long time coming.. If you were around my original guest bedroom update was posted here. Considering this room has not looked like this for almost a year AND that we completly did a bedroom swap up here, I have been meaning to share an update. Gathering up the muster lately has proven hard to do. Between a bit of covid burnout & pregnancy sometimes the motivation level goes waaaaay down!

I will be quite honest, back last spring time we had already kind of made a decision the as SOON as the wedding was over we wanted to start trying to have a baby. Because of this, with our big brick warehouse winnings we were trying to set ourselves up to have a guest / office space & a guest space that could turn nursery at any point. This is where the “cloffice” came into play and you can see that DIY here! We knew, staying in this townhouse meant that we would have one room turn into the nursery, the one that didn’t have a shared wall and one that would have to accomodate guests and ours lives still! I think we found a great solution that works for us! We found this daybed that is two single mattress’ so it works great when people need to stay and then we built ourselves a mini office in the closet so that we could still work & store the stuff we needed to. As a side, who knew when we built the cloffice I would be using it daily for longer than a year at this point. It’s sure gotten it’s money and DIY worth!

While I want our home to be practical, it has to be afterall, I also want it to look pleasing to us! So when I search for ideas and furniture I make sure it can almost be “multi-purpose”. Examples would be the day bed that can extend but not take up a whole room, a shelf that can house decor but also office supplies underneath and bins that can look pleasing while housing our everyday clutter! Sharing all the photos from we started these changes adding the cloffice all the way until completion when paint, bedding & curtains were all added. This took almost 6 full month’s to transition. Appreciate the patience the comes with design because that has been one of THE hardest things I have had to learn! Thanks for stopping by my friend and we will chat soon!

Paint complete & waiting for our mattresses!
Paint complete and curtains arrived however I was still picking out bedding.
Adding more a day to day look to show what it’s like when it’s not styled for the ‘gram!

Some quick links here – All smaller items linked on shop my home page!

Arya Daybed
Dip dye stool

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