Houseplants for Beginners!

Back today to share some easier houseplants that I had to get started with, to add beautiful real greenery around the house. Adding plants in your house truly brings a little bit more light and life to a room. Provided you have some room and sunlight I would highly recommend starting with some of these little guys!

Disclaimer: the photos in this post are all from Google, the quality may not be great but I wanted to add some variations that I do not own!

When I used to think about house plants I had two thoughts, I have no where to put them and I have no idea how to care for them! Well it turns out they are very easy to add into a room and don’t actually have to take up much space. If you have the sunlight available to you in that spot you can normally just add them in a hanging pot, a small decor pot on a table or into shelves! If you have the proper lighting conditions you can add plants as more a statement as well (a bit more advanced like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Bird of Paradise are the popular ones you may have seen on instagram!). As a note, while these plants are beautiful they NEED the proper care and lighting, you cannot just shove them in a corner as decor piece! We will touch on that a bit later! The second thought I always had, was that I cannot care for them. Well as it turns out, with a little trial and error, some google searches and the proper beginner plants I CAN actually care for them LOL! Now I have a house full of thriving plants that I love to watch grow. I am going to share the SIX plants I got started with that gave me the confidence to keep houseplants alive and to venture into some of the “harder” to care for plants!

The Best Beginner Plants

First, we will start where I started, which is with a Pothos. These beautiful plants are hardy, easy to care for and in my opinion, very forgiving! When I first found out I was pregnant I was soooo tired I neglected plant care for almost 4 weeks and all my pothos were a bit droopy but picked right back up once I started them on their care routine again. There a many different versions of this plant and also different names they go by! Some may refer to this plant also as devils Ivy. There are many variations of this plant some include Golden Pothos, Marble Queen, Neon, Jade… you name it all of which I have in my home. I water mine about once a week (normally on saturdays). If you see yellow leaves in my previous experience it normally means they are being over-watered, so give it time to dry out. If the leaves look sad and droopy, they are thirsty! Pothos prefer indirect sunlight and can tolerate lower light conditions!

Second, and this plant is my absolute FAVE are philodendrons! They have a gorgeous heart shaped leaf, grow like crazy and like a pothos can take some neglect or survive your learning curve! These plants also grow nice vines and are very easy to propagate. Like the pothos they come in many of different variations and are called many names. Often, I find people interchange pothos and philo quite often but I don’t think that is 100% correct! Like my pothos, this plant follows a weekly watering schedule once a week, if they are still quite saturated when I get to them I will skip and check them again the following week. Like pothos, these plants prefer indirect sunlight and can do with lower lighter conditions in some cases. These plants are similar in the respect they can withstand a lot and a great to learn with.

Third, is the snake plant! These bad boys seem almost incapable of death (although it happens) and I would go as far to say can thrive on neglect! LOL. They do not need a lot of light and they do not like to be over watered! Quite honestly, the majority of snake plants in my house get watered about once a month sometimes less if I forget about them. They can be in extremely low light conditions (I have them in my basement and one in a bathroom). I also think they are a really cool looking plant! If you want to start adding plants and are worried about killing them I would say this is a relatively safe and inexpensive plant to start with! You will know right away if you are watering to much as the stiff plant may become soft and gushy or start to turn brown, re-assess you watering plan (first let it dry out good!) assess the damage and the cut your watering schedule in half or less for this baby! This plant has some really cool variations which are on my want list for one day!

Fourth is the ZZ Plant! A disclaimer to add if you have cats or dogs that won’t leave plants alone – I would advise to pass on this plant as I have learned its one of the most toxic for animals. Fortunately, I had one for years and it never bothered my dog but some may not want to take the chance and I get that! ZZ plants like brighter indirect light, this plant I had on my main floor that has huge glass sliding doors and a big living room window but where the light did not shine directly on him. When he was moved upstairs to a lower light space he was still ok but you will definitely notice that thriving sensation in better light! These plants have really porous stems so the key is to not water them to much or to often! I would go as far to say that I mirrored my watering schedule for my ZZ plant to the same as a snake plant, however you may need to adjust based on your plant! This one is important to make sure that soil dries out between watering!

Fifth is a Dracaena (of which there is MANY MANY Variations) – this one will probably remind you of the faux plants your mom or grandma had in the 90’s lol! At my house I have a Dracaena Janet Craig, which I have had for over 3 years and its literally so easy I sometimes forget I have it! These babies can handle low light and lighter watering schedule. Make sure it dried out between waterings as to not overwater! This lady also appreciated a good misting if you are inclined (or if you ever remember lol). If you overwater, the leaves will turn yellow and most likely fall off. If you are at this point let your plant dry our and pluck off any dead leaves and just adjust your watering schedule!

Number six is a Chinese money plant (i.e. Pilea peperomioides). There are like a bizaillion versions of Pilea’s keep that in mind, I think I have 4 different variations (some are easier to care for than others)! They like bright light but do not need direct light. These little guys like to have moist soil, so not dried out but not saturated each watering. A healthy in between, these might need less or more than your once a week water schedule, keep an eye on them!

Popular House Plants – Proceed with Caution

Like I mentioned in my into, some really popular plants you will see people use in their home or to stage homes are plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Birds of Paradises or big Monsteras. All of these plants are beyond gorgeous. As you can see in the header I say proceed with caution for a couple of reasons. One, these plants are all a hefty investment, so you want to have the confidence and proper conditions to help these plants thrive or else you might as well throw 80+ dollars in the garbage. A LOT of instagram/home stagers use these plants for photos BUT WHAT I LEARNED is that the plants don’t actually stay in that spot, are fake or are just brought in for the photos shoot!! DECEPTION! LOL. If you are feeling good like you can take on these beautiful babies just make sure to do your research and have the proper conditions to bring them home too. My first ever Fiddle was over 5ft and I brought it home for 100+ dollars and the day it came home it slowly started losing leaves, one a day until it was literally a twig. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun. I thought at the time I must suck at caring for plants when in reality I now have over 5 FLF’s and they are thriving. When I look back I am thinking there was something wrong with the plant itself. However, I never want anyone to feel as discouraged as I did during that time. I literally wanted to get rid of every plant in my house when I threw that one out because I was so frustrated!

I had a giant monstera that I just recently gave away to make room for the baby that was thriving, it enjoyed nice bright indirect light, occasional misting and a consistent watering schedule. The same goes for my FLF ( I even put this one in the shower often and let it have a good soak) OR if you live somewhere warm you can take it outside and hose it down! I have never owned a BOP, so unfortunately you will need to do your own research for that one! When I mastered my FLF and Monstera I literally felt like goddess earth LOL. As a note there are many different types of FLF’s (trees, bush etc..) and the same goes for Monsteras!

Buy the Houseplants!

In the end, I am here to say YES YOU CAN! Add a plant, take it slow. Learn what it likes and what it doesn’t and then once you have the confidence get another. Plants bring life to every space you can add them too, they help product extra oxygen, they are known to boost your mood and productivity, and clean the air! They have MANY positive benefits beside the ascetic! Start with some of the ones in the first six listed, use google and join plant Facebook groups, all will help you to learn the art of keeping house plants alive. Soon enough, you will probably be addicted like the rest of us πŸ™‚

Share any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer! Have fun plant mommin or daddin πŸ™‚

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