How our Peel & Stick Backsplash is Holding Up!

Welcome back ☺️ if you remember I shared awhile ago our new backsplash that we did! I shared all about it here if you want to re-read it or see the original photos.

I came back today to share how it’s been holding up since we installed it! If you remember a big factor for us was that we knew we were not staying here forever! Peel and stick seemed to be a good option, and this tile had really good reviews! It’s been about 5 months since we installed it, and I’m so-so about how I’m feeling. The stuff closest to the stove unfortunately is not holding up as well as I hoped. It’s starting to peel up at the corners from the heat. Lastly, we had a big day of cooking (using the broiler) and it actually ended up yellowing in the vent spot. I guess luckily for us, it’s behind the little sign I have up but still.. not great! Overall I feel like I would rate it like 6/10. It’s a great temporary solution, and would be even better if it was going on your backsplash space that didn’t have a stove in front of it! It’s easy to install and gives a really quick updated look for a cheaper price bit ultimately you may deal with some peeling which leaves some to be desired! I want to be transparent since I am sharing what we do and had I been able to find a real life update, maybe it would have influenced my decision some, who knows!!

One of the things I am doing to try and help with the peeling is adding some clear caulking to the splitting sections! I used a leftover piece of the backsplash and testing the caulking to make sure it didn’t yellow, once I let it sit for a couple of days I applied it directly to the edges and seams of the backsplash. It seems to be helping, so maybe an idea to add to your project if you use this in the future!

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