Urban Garden ’21 Season!

We are back for round 3 of our tiny “urban garden” season! Last year was a huge success in my opinion! We got lots of harvests during the summer (mostly for lettuce and tomatoes) and at the very last harvest I made 2 dozen cans of tomato sauce (still enjoying them) and lots and lots of hamburger soup with all the celery we picked!

I went to grab my seeds for this year and pellets to get everything started in March and Beyond. I think I will be sticking closely to what worked last year, especially with the baby coming in July!

2020 Start!
2020 mid summer growth
one of our final 2020 harvests!

The big box this year will have tomatoes (I am trying a new kind this year!), Celery, lettuce and peppers again. Last year I started my peppers far to late so I only got 2-3 off the plant AND I had the added frustration of some seeds that did not germinate for some reason.

My two smaller boxes are going to be a bit different. I am going to try my hand at some cut flowers this year!! I’ve always wanted to have a garden for just flowers so I had them fresh in the summer but it’s sometimes hard to justify giving up veggie space to do so. I am just going to switch one box over to flowers and see how the summer goes and then I’m hopeful by the time we move and I can make a bigger garden, I will know a bit more about what I am doing. To keep it easy and mindless this year I actually bought a “cut flower” kit online. They pre-picked the seeds and type of flower for my exposure and sent it my way! Anyways, that leaves one extra box which will be a second row of lettuce since we go through it like crazy and the a couple of onions. There isn’t room for to many but I have yet to have success with them (mostly due a very frustrating cat or bird that constantly dug them up last summer!). Here’s hoping 2021 is the year!

Each year I find it extremely helpful to draw out my plans before buying any seeds or else I buy WAY to many and do not have enough space for anything LOL! Here is my rough drawing I had when I went shopping and I would always suggest doing the same..plan your garden as you would anything else you wish to have success in. Its key!

Garden Plants & Helpful Products!

2021 Garden Plans. ALWAYS PLAN!
I started my seeds because last year I was a bit further behind on harvest than I wanted to be!
I use these each year to get everything growing
these are the seed pelts that go in the trays!
If you need a grow light this one is helpful!

If you want to start a garden and are lacking space I have a couple of suggestions. First, see what type of sunlight you get – this helps to determine what will do best in your space. Second, utilize all your space options! You do not need an in ground or planter box garden. Use hanging baskets, railing baskets etc.. For example, lettuce can be planted pretty much anywhere, tomatoes can be in a small planter with a cage just on your porch and the same with beans! You may only have 3 plants but at least you have some fresh veggies throughout the growing season which is better than nothing. Some GREAT posts and videos on Urban Gardening (part of what helped just get started despite our small backyard) are this lady who started a patio garden and this gentleman from Toronto who made a small backyard garden! I also came back to this post a couple times the first couple of garden seasons. The last link I will share is to my gardening (and composting) Pinterest board which has some good information I have pinned that you may find useful!

One of my first mistakes was trying to plant one of everything because i wanted to, however, i ended up with like 3 beans, 3 peas, one meal of lettuce… you get the idea. So the second year I Planned out the garden and utilized the space and sun to my advantage and we actually had an amazing year. Focus on what will grow best in that space. You may only have 4 plants to harvest from. The second year I only planted 5 types of vegtables but we got SO MUCH it was awesome! So focus on quality over quantity. I would suggest learning about companion planting if you have a small space! This is the post that helped me start learning about companion planting! I have to admit, this is still a huge learning curve for me. I may not be following it even still for my plans this summer LOL don’t come at me we are all learning!

Anyways, that is what I have planned for this season. I will share more once the last frost pasts and I can get all these babies in the ground! I would love to see your gardens, so tag me in anything you start growing or send some photos in to share on future posts!! Happy Gardening 🙂

2 Replies to “Urban Garden ’21 Season!”

  1. Congrats and good luck on everything that’s growing! Goodness, it sounds like it’s going to be a busy Spring for you.
    Are there any plants that you think might not grow well, but you want to try anyway?


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