Main floor – Now & Then!

I was looking through photos on Instagram the other day and found some of my first posts and how our townhouse used to look! It kind of made me want to share some now and then photos! It’s mostly the main floor that I was looking through just because it has the kitchen, so naturally we spend a lot of time here!

Now, I’ll start by saying I never thought this house was ugly! But it was typical builder grade and didn’t really have much touch of “us”! We did a couple things over the past 2 years that kind of gave it more of a personal feel, without like totally gutting and redoing the place. Obviously, moves like that don’t make sense for us financially when we don’t plan on staying here forever! Here is a fun walk down memory lane!

How it used to look!

How it looks now!

Here is how it looks now after a couple of years of work and a couple projects. I love this space, it feels like us! ❤️ A couple simple things like paint made a huge difference, brightening up the space by getting rid of of some of the brown and dark furniture! Curtains also made a huge change, a bit lighter and more airy instead of dark and heavy! Slowly but surely, we made the space we had ours!


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