Nursery links… so far!

Hi everyone, hope you are staying safe and healthy! Man, who thought we would still be this deep in isolation a year later. I’ve officially been working from home for one full year! Wild, I truly thought it would be 2-3 weeks max. Anyways.. I had some questions about nursery items so I am going to link everything we have so far below and plan to update it closer to my due date when it’ll be as “done” as I get it.

Now I KNOW, this baby probably won’t even be in this room for awhile, nor will they be playing with toys etc.. BUT it helps me to feel prepared to have it all done. I am a planner and executer. I cannot for the life of me, just sit on things and wait! This process of planning, researching and executing is quite therapeutic LOL! I have linked everything available in the photos below so far and once I have some time I will update the Shop my Home section with everything. Some things I am still hoping to get are the shelves for above the dresser and some pictures/plants to add to them and I want to add a little accordion shelf for winter gear behind the door. Other than that, there is nothing formal planned! It is just a matter of getting drawers and the closet organized as things start to arrive ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, if you have questions I am happy to answer them!! (or I missed any links let me know, #babybrain)Thanks all for stopping by!

Kind of not nursery decor but this just came in the mail and I wanted to share it because I love it already!!
Little lama play tent – a bit more pink that I thought in photos ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Crib | Crib Mattress | Dresser | Rocking Chair | Area Rug | Wicker Blanket Basket | Lamp | Curtains | Side Table (Similar, exact one no longer available) | Diffuser | Moses Basket Stand | Crib Sheet | Changing Pad | Changing Pad Cover | Crib Mobile | Bassinet Sheet | Play Gym Tent (pictured) | Bassinet mattress | Ikea Shelf (not hung yet) | Ikea Bracket (not hung yet) | Dresser Organization Bins (Canadian Tire – The home Edit, multiple sizes) | Maxi Cosi baby rocker | wall decals | new baby play tent (other option, but not pictured here)

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