“Preparing” for Bebe N!

I am still SHOOKETH that we are actually having a baby! Last Friday we got to have our 20 weeks ultrasound (at 21 weeks) and see the little bean in there! We don’t know the gender, but man that is definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. Beyond cool (sharing one photo below, I won’t bombard you with all 12 we got printed LOL!)

I am OVBIOUSLY not a birth expert, LOL I have never even done it, but I was talking with some other expecting mama’s about what I am doing to “prepare”. Almost feels like a joke to use the word prepare for something so far past my normal and so unknown LOL. But I mean, as much tools as I can give myself, the better. Once I am actually in the moment, who fricken knows. All I hope for is a happy healthy baby, how he/she gets here I guess is up to the god/the universe/whoever you believe in! I got a lot of great rec’s from other already moms, expecting moms and everyone in between! I am trying to wrap them all up in one location now to share. Some of turned out to be so awesome I feel like everyone should take a look at them!! Anyways, rambling now…

BOOKS – I have been reading some great books I want to share, all have really helped me to “chill”. I was STRESSING y’all. I am a planner so this whole it is what it is mentality is TOUGH. Books that were blunt, to the point, matter of fact, informative etc.. were my first pick because that is how I am. Two really great ones by Ina May were my first purchase. Totally helpful, would recommend to anyone (even if you plan to birth with an OB and not a midwife, still has so much good info!!)

Some other books I have ordered and are just starting are some postpartum books and hypnobirthing! I heard so many people share about their hypnobirthing techniques, I figured I better look into it myself!

Some other books I have found at the library & will check out once I am done all the above!

Lastly! Some recommendations that have come from other moms, I would like to buy but have not gotten around to it are the ones below!

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS – I also want to share some of the awesome Instagram accounts I live for lately! If you have more please share!!
@thenakeddoula | @expectingandempowered | @mommy.labornurse | @thebetterboob | @takingcarababies

PODCASTS– not kidding about “prep work” here y’all LOL! I am not HUGE into podcasts so I only really have two I have been using!
Mommy Labor Nurse is also a podcast I listen too – Here on Spotify
Becoming Mum- Here on Spotify

BIRTH CLASSES– Since we are still in COVID Lockdown we have not signed up for classes although I am sure I would LOVE them. I have not signed up for this course but am considering booking myself in sometime during my 3rd trimester with Mommy Labor Nurse as all the reviews seem SOOO amazing and helpful! Keep in mind, she is american so something practices are care will be different but newborn care should still be what we expect here πŸ™‚ You can combine the Labor course with the newborn course which is my plan. Find that here.

Now if y’all have more recommendations I am open to anything so feel free to comment or share what helped you!! Thanks for stopping by, chat soon πŸ™‚

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