Basement Project: Ceiling Completion!

Before new years my husband and I worked hard to get all the drywall up to finish the ceiling! The basement has been a long work in progress. We have been doing steps each Christmas break (3ish years and counting!) This year was drywalling the ceiling.

This was one of the steps I was really excited for because it just kind of makes the space look fully complete! We did this with just the two of us and it took us 3 days. We got some of the big full pieces out of the way on the first day. Day two was building the bulk head. And then last but not least on day 3 we finished adding all the drywall pieces and adding in any missing screws! The bulk head had to go around the ducting and it took the most time to frame up! I was worried about how much smaller this would make the basement look but it actually turned out great.

As you’ll notice half the basement got a full clean up & stage while the bar side is still a mess🤣

The last bit we have to work on is getting the mud and tape done, which we plan to hire out for since it’s basically the worst part of DIY’ing lol!! Once that is done we will also need to repaint (we will be bringing the colour from our main floor down!) And finally replace all the baseboards! The main thing we want to get done before the baby is tape and mudding just to have all the dust out of the way before there is a baby in the house! Every project takes some time & this one is a true labor of love! Nothing happens overnight and this is proof of that. Maybe this basement will be fully complete by the time we move out HA!

Thanks for tuning in & as always any question drop in the box and we will answer! Cheers

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