Subway Tile Backsplash

Hello my friends! Stopping in to touch base on a thrilling subject… our backsplash! As an added bonus to our shiplap wall, we decided to go ahead and add some backsplash.

This is not your traditional tile backsplash, we actually used Peel & Stick subway tile, that was already grouted. Now I don’t know if this is “ideal” for long term.. I can’t comment on that! But peel & stick seems to be a GREAT option for us, at this time. I say that because while we own our home, it’s not our forever home! It was brand new when we bought it so adding thousands of dollars in upgrades doesn’t make the most financial sense, but you do want it to be a reflection of those who live here so some changes do come with that! Peel and stick allows us to do that, without breaking the bank! Had we been planning to stay here for 35 more years, yes I of course would save up and go big!!

I found these from a girl in my Nesting with grace Facebook design group (side note, if you don’t follow Brooke from Nesting With Grace, you need to ASAP!!) and she had a kitchen almost identical to ours! When she posted about these tiles and how good they were I was sold!! I will admit, I actually meant to order the tiles with WHITE grout but I ordered the ones with BLACK and in the end the pop against the black wall was soooo perfect, so it was a happy mistake! The tiles that we used form amazon are linked here ! We ended up using 15 sheets for this space and it told me I only needed 12 – so order 1/2 extra if you think you might make a mistake or have a tricky spot! The grout lines are somewhat hard to line up since only the tops have the thick line while the rest are smaller, so we ended up having to use just the top off a couple sheets to finish it off!

I will definitely be keeping an eye on how they hold up to heat/splatter/water etc… most of the reviews were fantastic but I’m always curious for myself if they will stay to the standard that I expect! Hopefully they do, but worst case scenario we can peel them off (cannot comment on peeling them off & if they would damage you wall, use at your own discretion)! Now thag I have babbled for such a long time, enjoy looking through some photos & drop any questions you may have!

Our kitchen may be small, but she is mighty! Cheers 🖤

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