Shiplap Wall – GOING BOLD!

Long time no chat my friends. My fault for not documenting anything we’ve been working on lately! We just added a lovely accent wall to our kitchen that I am beyond obsessed with! Not only is it shiplap that I love but it’s also a colour I feel is beyond bold.. BLACK! Yes you read that right I added a black shiplap wall right in my kitchen!

The colour is onyx by Benjamin Moore, that I saw and knew I needed somewhere in my house! The shiplap is packs from Home Depot that I’ve linked at the bottom of this post. All work was done by myself & my husband! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Ask any question you have! Scroll down for the full reveal!

DISCLAIMER – I did have a total DIY fail this go round and I feel the need to share. I watched a highly popular, well followed home decor blogger who put out a video “how to paint shiplap”. It DID NOT WORK! You could see every cut line possible & it involved a tremendous amount of re-work. My suggestion would be to tag team it, have one cut in while one follows with the roller. I’m really disappointed about how it went down but it just taught me to do my research better in the future & trust my gut. I felt like this wasn’t going right but I didn’t stop and change my approach!

My sneaky peak I shared on the “gram”

We also decided to add in our backsplash quickly!! Some additional photos below!

Shiplap linked here. Backsplash linked here. Paint colour linked here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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