Small Backyard Gardening

Hey Everyone! I hope you are staying safe but managing to enjoy some time outdoors. This is a crazy time we are living in and while some of our “norms” are not so normal, we are making the best we all can. I wanted to share what I planted in my garden this year and of course the amazing garden steaks I got from a semi-local company!

Huge disclaimer, this is only my second year of gardening and so I feel like I should let y’all know that I am still learning and still in that trial and error phase. I want to share how I made a garden work in our little space and what I planted for the year!

The planters that I bought are this square one here and the rectangle here

My amazing garden steaks come from this lady here 🙂 Willow & Grow

For the 2020 gardening season I am plating: Tomatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Celery, Beans, Peppers, Pickling Cucs and you can’t go a summer without fresh dill and chives.

I tried to wrap the corner of our townhouse with planters because it gets the best sun for most plants which you will see in the photo below! Any gardening tips you have to share are always appreciated! Hoping that this season brings many veggies and I can start to narrow down what works best in this space for future years!

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