Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

I had some questions on what I do when Christmas is over so I decided to put together a quick little idea of what I do for “winter” decor once Christmas is over! I don’t want the house to feel less cozy after the season of constant warmth, coziness and twinkle lights so I am sharing some ideas of what I use to carry me through the final winter months!

Obviously the main thing is losing the tree and outright christmas decor items as the holiday is passed. However, I still want some nice pieces that still say WINTER & COZY until spring when I can start changing out the moodier tones for greens and lighter colours! So here are some of the ideas or tricks that I do.

  • Keep lots of throws and pillows all over the couch and chairs. If you have Christmas pillows, I just will change out the cover to greys, dark blues or whites (anything in that colour scale means winter to me, but your preference is your own! GO right into Pink if you want lol!)
  • A neutral colour scheme is perfect for this time of year! However for some colour, I keep all my plaids out!
  • I change my front door wreath from the merry Christmas sign to the a nice green swag, which I think suits the season well. OR if you have greenery up already outside, just leave it. I leave up all my faux greenery outside & just take down the Christmas lights.
  • Keep up fairy or twinkle lights (on shelves, top of cupboards, blanket ladders etc..) that glow gives off the cozy feelings that you need in the winter.
  • If you burn candles, I like to keep the winter scents going (evergreen, cinnamon, apple cider, hot chocolate etc..) or you have a diffuser, keep that going on the flicker setting with any oils you like).
  • When I am home I like to have some music going in the background (I will post some of my fave playlists below)
    Hanging Around or Feeling Lovey OR Easy like Sunday Morning
  • I like to have all my plants back in their usual homes, because they bring a little life to the space and clean the air which I think is super important in the long cold winter months!
  • If you garlands and greenery are not outright Christmas (mine had berries and poinsettias) then you can keep them hanging around! They add the perfect touch of texture.
  • Change out my art prints from Christmas to a winter scene
  • Last but not least, the more texture the better. IE: blanket baskets, plant hangers, decor beads, pillows, poufs etc.. ALL of these will warm your space up so quickly!

I will share some photos below of how I transition away from christmas ๐Ÿ™‚
Like I mentioned, plants, throws, pillows ets.. are a MUST!

Ok I am laughing so hard at the dirty mirror. Welcome to real life!
I like to keep some of the pops of red and plaid around until Valentines day! I am working on this corner of our living room right now!
I love having beads and tassels as little accent pieces. Stay tuned for the reveal of our new curtains!
See red & plaid, my fave! This rug in this space really helped to warm it up.
I love to keep this swag on our front door for winter and I take down our christmas decor!
This is the centerpiece I keep for winter, it still has twinkle lights!

I hope some of these tips help you to transition into some winter decor! I know when you take your tree down & all the additional stuff around the house is can feel empty which sometimes translates into a colder feel. That is the feeling that I want to avoid right after having all the cozy christmas feels! These are some of the ideas I have used over the past couple of years to keep it warm and cozy once all of that goes away! I would love for you to share any additional idea I might have missed! Leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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