Reflecting on 2019! A year in review

Thanks for joining me on this one! I am trying to go through kind of a year in review & share my hopes for 2020. With it almost being the new year I wanted to get this post published, so I could enjoy some down time with family and friends!

2019, in my opinion was another great year! I got ENGAGED!! and started all the wedding planning, rebooted the blog and worked hard on growing that throughout the second half of the year. We got a lot of home projects completed and overall just had a great year. Not without the typical stresses of life and work, but those are small in comparison to the joy. I feel like this year zoomed by honestly, I think it had a lot to do with starting my new job outside the blog ( I work in HR) and that made time just fly by with the constant learning and meeting of new people! 2020 is going to be another great year for business and personal reasons I can feel it! Devin and I will get married in September and we have an awesome Hawaii vacation to look forward too in April and a honeymoon after the wedding! We’re both busy with work which is a blessing where we live right now and so with that, I think we are happy to keep our heads down and keep going!

Some hopes & goals I am working towards in 2020 are heading back to school for interior design certificate and I would like to start offering my design services to others! I am starting an email distribution along with the blog & I would love to hit a goal with that, which I am going to keep private for now! SIDE NOTE: hit the sign up button y’all!! I want to curate some wonderful Canadian partnerships throughout the year and much more! I have some HUGE goals for this little Rocky way Blog & business! I hope to expand much more this year and I hope you will be along for the ride with me!

I pushed myself WAY outside my comfort zone by starting the blog again and sharing it all over my personal facebook and instagram and working hard to grow that. I was so nervous that people would wonder what I even had to offer. I grew so much in the last quarter because of this! I am so happy I just jumped in and went for it. I have met some great people because of it and I can wait to keep growing. If I take one thing away this year its to always continue to push myself and keep growing & learning.

Wishing everyone a very happy & safe new years!

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