#Girlshowyourface : Get to know me!

I was inspired by the #girlshowyourface hashtag to create this post! Considering my blog is so new, I figured it would be a good post to do a “get to know you” kinda thing! Let me start by saying, taking these photos for this and my “about” section was basically the most awkward expeirence of my life. You can expect to not see new photos of my face on this platform for like 3 years now that they are done LOL!

Ok lets jump right in!

You all know my name by now, Jamie, happy to virtually chat with you all! My passion for home decor started in college but what can you do when you are broke, living in a rented place and trying to just pass your classes? I tried to start something then but it was just not working for me and being the creative outlet that I needed! I then started once again when we were in our townhouse but STILL felt like what the actual frig am I doing? Then someone questioned why I would think I could blog about it and I was like THATS it I am done. A year ago-ish I started to document on instagram and was asked a couple times why not blog and I was like ya right been there done that. I recently felt the pull again with so many people posting about how discouraged and broken down instagram was making them feel compared to others. I wanted to share that while you might not think you have the house or decor you need, YOU DO! Its about your needs and your home not others! And that is how the rocky way house was born for the 3rd time LOL. I feel much more secure in blogging now and more comfortable in my style and design and I definitely don’t have time for anyone to question my decision this time.

Outside of the blog and home decor… We live in a small northern Alberta in the great old white north AKA Canada! I lived here growing up for 6 years before moving away to finish high school elsewhere & my fiancee has lived here his entire life! We adore it here, the lifestyle, the pace, its exactly how we picture our lives. I work on the HR team in recruiting for a Oil & Gas company in Well Servicing! When I am not working on the blog, taking photos or writing posts I am recruiting people and getting all my special projects completed there! We also like to spend a lot of time fishing, winter and summer! I love to spend time at home curled up and walking outside with sadie our pup!

Hi, Its me Jamie! See awkward AF!! Like why am I holding my cup like that LOL! It had to be done.

Devin is the handyman of the rocky way house, when I get an idea he normally figures out how to make it happen & I love him dearly for that! We got engaged in September (after 6 years of being together!!) and I am still way to excited about it! You’ll often catch me already wearing my wedding band in my stories because I love it soo much! We will be having a very small intimate wedding September 2020 and then hopefully jetting off for a quick little getaway to start off married life. September is our month if you couldn’t tell ๐Ÿ™‚

A couple of random facts…
1. I LOVE hats (catch some wedding photos in september and just see how much, a little hint at what I am wearing).
2. I drink coffee black during the week and treat myself with creamer on the weekend (the really bad stuff like Irish cream).
3. Devin is actually a childhood crush of mine and so when we got engaged all I could think of was grade 7 Jamie freaking out lol!
4. We have a black lab named sadie who you’ll see lots in photos, who just had $1700 surgery because she ate a corn on the cob (BAD!!!).
5. I have incredibly bad luck with vehicles, like whatever could go wrong does. Buy a new car… need an entire motor rebuild within the first 3 months.. YEP ME!! (FML).
6. I love a good netflix binge and devin and I are currently re-watching how to get away with murder & I forgot how suspenseful it was!
7. I have 2 older sisters (becca & manny) and 2 awesome brother in laws (soon to be… wait for it… 7 more brothers in law and 2 more sisters in law) Yes Devin’s family is HUGE. I also have 2 nephews and 1 niece and I love my family so dearly that it hurts & more than anything I love to spend time with them.
8. My goal in life someday is to have a house that can fit both sides of our families so I can have them over all the time.
9. Christmas is my fave season, I love the lights and time with family! I can hardly wait when November hits to get all my decorations up, so I could never have a real tree.
10. My 2 best friends from high school and I all ended up engaged within like months of each other and now all have each other to help plan and bounce ideas off of and its been the BEST!

If you made it this far, good for you! Thanks for tuning in and hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit!

This is my last post before Christmas, so I am wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great holiday!

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