Christmas Cookie Exchange

This was my first year doing something like this! My sister was the one who suggested it & I am so happy we did it! While there were a couple bumps in the road (ahem an extra dozen or two) it was sooo much fun & it’s definitely going to become a yearly tradition!

The idea is that you set up a group of friends of family & you’ll bake a dozen for each member attending plus 1 extra dozen to put out for everyone to snack on while they visit! My mistake this time was that I accounted for myself in that number so I made 6 dozen for friends, a dozen for myself & a dozen for testing… don’t make that mistake 😂 whoops! Live & learn! I think typically you also exchange the recipes which we also didn’t do but I think I have a year to perfect the art of cookie exchanges lol! I can’t speak for everyone but it was awesome & everyone’s cookies were soo good! Such an easy way to do some holiday goodies! Some photos below get your mouth watering after seeing all the goodies brought!! Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the quality of photos here I was just trying to snap on my iPhone as the day went! But you get the idea 😀

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