Going “Live” With the Rocky Way House

HI! I finally got everything for The Rocky Way House set up and live and man let me tell you it was no joke. It took lots of time and effort but I am so happy, I think everything turned out great. Not only that, but I was straight up terrified to share it on my Facebook & socials and really “go live”. Why is putting yourself out there so scary? I am glad its live and that I get to share with everyone because its become a really fun hobby!

I shared on my facebook personal page to let others know what I was doing and it honestly took me 3 days to publish. It’s scary to think people can judge you for your hard work. I kept reminding myself that what I do may not be for everyone but that is alright! I love to share all of this with y’all and wanted a platform more than instagram to do so. To my tiny amount of followers I am so glad you are here to be apart of this journey & I so cherish you taking the time of your busy lives to tune in and read what I have to share! This was a huge step for me. I was doing it all in the background but knew that at some point I would need to share with the rest of my world what I had been working on!

A big goal of mine this year was to push myself out of my comfort zone and this fits the bill. In my mind this is one of the best ways to help you grow as a person. I have already learned so much and I am grateful for the experiences the internet has given me (LOL). I am also so humbled by the amazing bloggers that are blazing trails to look up too! I think its so important to set personal goals each year and while some may have given up because the year is almost over, I took a look at my goals I wrote down some months ago and came up with an action plan on how I would achieve them with the time left in 2019! This blog was one of the big things I wanted, but I was scared to go after. It was about time to jump right in – No looking back kind of mentality and just put my heart and soul into it!

In closing, I guess I just felt compelled to share today that while this was a huge step for myself, that anyone can do it. It’s important to get uncomfortable to grow and I hope that if you are waiting to try something or want to do something that maybe this will be the little push over the edge to just go for it! I believe in you & you DO have supporters who will cheer you on! And you know what if you don’t think you do, I WILL! Email me and I will cheer you on from the sidelines. I want everyone to have the chance to work for what they want in life or cross items off their bucket list!

** I have to add … I had some people reach out after I hit publish on this and I so appreciate your encouragement and kind sentiments!

Chat soon!

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