Christmas Home Tour

Hi everyone & welcome to the Christmas home tour from The Rocky Way House! YEP, CHRISTMAS! Tis the season, fully upon us! I am notorious for decorating for christmas the second Remembrance Day is over, so as not to let myself down, I followed tradition πŸ™‚ Enjoy some of the fun Christmas decorating that has been done so far and stay tuned into @jamiepuurk for more sharing on my Instagram! Christmas in our little house is my absolute favorite, aside from being able to spend time with family, it just feels so cozy and warm while the snow is blowing outside. I hope by sharing this a bit earlier, you can find some amazing inspiration as you pull everything out for the 2019 holidays!

Enjoy this tour & stay tuned for The Rocky Way’s next post with the full christmas tree reveal!

Can we take a second to pause here and talk about how amazing this print from Paper Fox Studios is!? Click here to get one for yourself off her Etsy Shop πŸ™‚

Next year, where the green tape is will be our DIY electric Fire place!! I can’t wait to have a mantle to include christmas decor and have the ambiance of a fireplace! Stay tuned for that blog post to show you how we do it and the final outcome!

Thanks for checking out what we have done for christmas so far & Happy Decorating! πŸ™‚

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